How To Pay

How to Pay with the Star Driver discount? 
It's all within your fingertips.


1. Turn on Location Services 

Drive to your nearest Caltex station and enable your Location Services. Confirm the current Caltex station by selecting "Mobile Pay".


Tips: Turn on location services for iphone

1. Go to your iPhone's Settings
2. Tap Privacy > Location Services
3. Scroll down and tap CaltexGO
4. Select 'While Using the App' to choose location access

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2. Enter your Pump Number 

After you have completed refuelling, replaced the pump nozzle and returned to your car. Open your CaltexGO app. Enter your pump number and check the amount shown in the app against what’s displayed on the pump, take a moment to double check you’ve entered the right pump number and tap "Confirm" to continue. 


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3. Payment Card 

Choose and confirm your preferred payment card and loyalty account.

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4. Tap "Pay Now"

Verify your pump details and confirm the amount to pay by selecting the "Pay Now" button.

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5. Payment Successful

The CaltexGO app will indicate that your payment was successful and a receipt will be emailed to you. You're now good to continue on and enjoy the journey ahead. 

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Prefer to pay by cash?
We got you. 


1. Paying by Cash

If you prefer to head in store and still enjoy the Star Driver discount, simply follow these steps!

Go ahead with your refuelling as usual and replace the pump nozzle. Thereafter, head in store and open your CaltexGO app. Click on the QR scanner portion on the top right of the home page of CaltexGO. 

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2. Complete your payment experience

Upon clicking the QR Scanner, a unique barcode will be generated for your account. Simply present the barcode to our friendly cashiers and the CaltexGO discount will be applied onto your transaction. 

Kindly verify the pump details and confirm the transaction by paying and you are free to continue on your journey ahead.

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