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Take the pledge! Don’t use your phone while you’re driving. If you know someone that constantly does, share...
Posted on 11 Feb 2016.
Say what? 5 benefits? Yes! You'll get to enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use Caltex with Techron®. Can any...
Posted on 10 Feb 2016.
Gong Xi Fa Cai from the entire Caltex team to you! :)
Posted on 08 Feb 2016.
Fuel up before the holidays everybody! Look for your nearest Caltex station here
Posted on 05 Feb 2016.
Chinese New Year is just peeping around the corner. If you’ve not decided on your Abalone dish yet, here’s a...
Posted on 04 Feb 2016.
LAST CALL to participate in our #CaltexHuatAH contest! Get your Abalone from Caltex’s Star Mart, snap a picture...
Posted on 03 Feb 2016.
Thinking of how to prepare your Abalone this new year? Here’s a mouth-watering recipe you can’t miss:...
Posted on 01 Feb 2016.
With this Caltex Station Locator App, you can now find Caltex Station near you with no fuss. :) Watch the video...
Posted on 29 Jan 2016.
It’s the Abalone season! A goodie bag might be yours once you snap a picture of your Abalone purchase from our...
Posted on 27 Jan 2016.
Skylight Classic Dried Abalone Buddha Jump Over the Wall Recipe
Posted on 26 Jan 2016.
New Moon Braised Abalone with Huai Shan and Honshimeji Mushrooms Recipe
Posted on 26 Jan 2016.
Do you know? Caltex with Techron® cleans your engine to help improve fuel economy to get you savings. Fuel up...
Posted on 25 Jan 2016.
Want to get your hands on these super cute red packets? All you have to do is spend $50* (including fuel) at our...
Posted on 22 Jan 2016.
We can’t get enough of Abalone and its creative uses! Who knew abalone cans can be used in these 8 ways? Try some...
Posted on 21 Jan 2016.
If you’re in the mood of getting creative this Lunar New Year, here’s how Abalone can be just the perfect tool....
Posted on 20 Jan 2016.
Calling out all ABALONE lovers! Get your Abalone from Caltex’s Star Mart, snap a picture with it and a goodie...
Posted on 17 Jan 2016.
Contest Duration from 17 January 2016 to 9 Feb 2016, 8pm
Posted on 14 Jan 2016.
Earn 1 Thanks! point for every litre of petrol/diesel pumped at our Caltex service stations and redeem them to...
Posted on 12 Jan 2016.
Exclusively for HSBC credit and debit cards, enjoy $4 off* Skylight Abalone sets with a minimum of $40 gross fuel...
Posted on 08 Jan 2016.
This lunar new year enjoy $4 off* any New Moon Abalone products with a minimum $40 gross fuel purchase OR with...
Posted on 07 Jan 2016.

Retail Pump Price*

Regular 92 with Techron®
Premium 95 with Techron®
Platinum 98 with Techron®
Caltex Diesel with Techron® D
*Prices AFTER site discount.
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM

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