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Evening drive + Favourite song = stress reliever. What's your song?
Posted about -58 seconds ago.
SG Traffic Cam & Waze are popular mobile apps for drivers. What's your favourite mobile app for the road?
Posted on 30 Sep 2014.
How often do you forget your car keys? :P
Posted on 29 Sep 2014.
Last chance to enjoy Happy Weekends with 16% instant petrol discount when you charge to your HSBC credit card!...
Posted on 26 Sep 2014.
We’re Upgrading our Caltex Station! Caltex Dunearn is closed for upgrading till 9 Nov 2014 and you can look...
Posted on 25 Sep 2014.
It’s true. Lighter car boot = better fuel economy. What do you have in your car boot that shouldn't be there?
Posted on 25 Sep 2014.
We've got Techron® to keep our engine clean. But how do you keep your car seats looking brand new? Share your...
Posted on 23 Sep 2014.
Smile! Brighten up someone's day! Drive happy, folks.
Posted on 22 Sep 2014.
Know your gears, save your fuel.
Posted on 18 Sep 2014.
Congratulations to our Caltex 5-star Getaway Winners! Enjoy your journey, folks!
Posted on 17 Sep 2014.
Chicken Pie and Coffee for only $2.50 at selected Caltex service stations. Stay happy, full, and safe on the...
Posted on 16 Sep 2014.
Where do you go when you're in the mood for a relaxing drive?
Posted on 15 Sep 2014.
Fill up and redeem exclusive collectibles with UOB Fuel Power at Caltex and UOB Cards today! From 1 Sep to 31...
Posted on 12 Sep 2014.
Tsk… no selfies while driving, please!
Posted on 11 Sep 2014.
Did you know a lot of stop-and-go driving causes your air filter to become dirty and clogged quicker? Remember...
Posted on 10 Sep 2014.
Chicken Pie and Coffee for only $2.50 at selected Caltex service stations.. Stay happy, full, and safe on the...
Posted on 09 Sep 2014.
It's the school holidays now! Any plans for kids & family?
Posted on 08 Sep 2014.
Clean, restore and maximise your vehicle's engine with Techron® Concentrate Plus. Now UOB Card members get 20%...
Posted on 05 Sep 2014.
Loss of fuel efficiency happens because the more under-inflated the tires, the greater the friction, the harder...
Posted on 04 Sep 2014.
A well-lubricated engine means that it's firing on all cylinders to get you great performance!
Posted on 02 Sep 2014.

Retail Pump Price*

Regular 92 with Techron®
Premium 95 with Techron®
Platinum 98 with Techron®
Caltex Diesel with Techron® D
*Prices AFTER site discount.
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM

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