Community Partnership

A part of the community

Caltex has always put people first, be it our employees, customers or the people who live in the communities that we operate in. With that in mind, our social investment programs contribute to areas identified by the local community as having the most need or empower the disadvantaged and help them to reach their goals.

robot competition

Caltex Robot Engineer Lab - 2021 to present

Started in 2021, the “Caltex Robot Engineer Lab” aims to promote STEM learning by providing children from underprivileged families an opportunity to learn about robotic building and programming. Enrolled students will receive a series of trainings which will teach them how to build, program and operate robots. An open competition will be held at the end of the program where the students can put their learnings and knowledge to test and compete against one another.

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Fuel Your School1

Fuel Your School 2015-2021

Working in partnership with the Hong Kong Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association, we launched the “Fuel Your School” project in 2015 where financial assistance was provided to local schools for the implementation of STEM learning programs for underprivileged students. Teachers and schools were encouraged to submit learning programs or proposals most suitable for their students’ needs. Over the 6 years, Chevron has funded 44 school projects through this program.

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Water Rocket Competition

Water Rocket Competition - 2013 to 2019, 2021

A fun yet educational project. This was an annual competition that began in 2013 which gave students a chance to build and fire their own water rockets. Using their STEM knowledge, students from schools all over Hong Kong competed in various challenges such as landing accuracy, hang time, etc.

caring week

Week of Caring 

We always encourage our colleagues to give back to the community. Various volunteering opportunities are arranged for colleagues to participate over the years. Some of the NGO activities that we have worked with include:

  1. Bo Foundation’s “Food Angel” to prepare and serve dinners to those in need in the Sham Shui Po area;
  2. “Hong Kong Dog Rescue” and “Kelly’s Dog Shelter” to help abandoned animals;
  3. “The Salvation Army” for Covid supplies donation and clothing drive;
  4. “International Coastal Clean-up” to remove garbage along the beaches in the Tuen Mun and Stanley area.