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Member exclusive (May & June): Limited edition of Mahjong set 

OFFER: Successful application on Personal StarCard before 30 June 2024 and fuel up gasoline with accumulated purchase amount of HK$12,000 in the first 3 months upon receipt of the new StarCard can get a set of Good Luck Mahjong for free.


Personal StarCard member enjoys year-round discount and total worth of HK$400 welcome gasoline discount coupon upon successful application! Total offers up to HK9.75/L ! 

- Platinum gasoline: $7 discount per litre

- Gold gasoline: $6.5 discount per litre 


Fuel up with Personal StarCard - Control. Convenience. Security

We understand quality fuel product and vehicle expenses are essential to all drivers, which is why we’ve developed the Caltex Personal StarCard by keeping you in the know of your expenditures. This provides you control and convenience in fueling up throughout the full Caltex station network in Hong Kong. 

If you are existing customer who want to apply more Personal StarCards under the same account, just fill in the "Change of Information" form below and mail to   

Benefits to enjoy

Fuel & Lubricant Product Discount

New application on Personal StarCard can enjoy discount of HK$7 per litre for Caltex Platinum or HK$6.5 per litre for Gold with Techron gasolines, 10% off on Lubricant products and total HK$400 gasoline coupons welcome gift. Total offer up to HK$9.75 per litre^.

Full of Control

You can determine your own StarCard usage by setting fixed limits. Every spending on StarCard will be achacknowledged and recorded to avoid misuse or abuse.

Autopay with up to 45 Days' Repayment Term

StarCard allows up to 45 days' repayment term with autopay that helps you manage your bills in a more efficient and flexible way.

^Calculation of discount up to HK$9.75/L is based on Caltex Platinum with Techron gasoline pump price at HK$26.28 per litre as of 15 May 2024 together with coupon of extra HK$50 gasoline free upon the spending of HK$300. This promotion applies to applicants who have not used their StarCard on a transaction at any Caltex Service Station for the past 4 months.
This promotion is valid for new applicants only, and the latest discount does not apply to transactions retrospectively. Chevron Hong Kong Limited has absolute discretion on the terms and conditions of final discount entitlement. 
personal starcard

Apply Online for Personal StarCard

Applying for a Personal Personal StarCard is absolutely free — no annual fee, no subscription fee and no card replacement fee.
*For best form application experience, use your desktop computer.

Required Documents:
1. HKID/Passport,
2. Vehicle Registration Document, 
3. Address Verification
4. and Income Proof (last 2 month) 

This promotion applies to applicants who have not used their StarCard on a transaction at any Caltex Service Station for the past 4 months.

Need Help?

  • Call Caltex Customer Hotline at 2582 6288 from Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 6 pm) and Saturday (8:30 am to 12:30 pm).
  • Contact us for more information or questions you might have.