Get your hands on the hottest Justice League Collectible Cars with your Robinsons Rewards Card! Check out how these guys geeked out on their latest collectibles.

Red Ollero finally joins the league

Funnyman Red Ollero drives all the way to Caltex to pick up the Dark Knight he’s been looking for.

The league continues!

Red has more jokes in store for us - he finally solves the biggest debate of the century, who’s faster: Superman or the Flash? He also uncovers where Wonder Woman got her suit! Wow! So much revelation in one video!

The league is complete!

Wow! Red, you’re a total geek! He has completed the set with the collector’s Kit and it feels good to see him having fun with the toys. Thank you, Red!

New in the league: Chico Garcia

Chico shares how we can score the Justice League Collectible Toy Cars with the Robinsons Rewards Card!