Sponsorships are marketing programmes that Caltex use to reach out and communicate with our various customers. Through sponsorships, Caltex is able to associate with a well-known property that shares the same values and characteristics that we aspire for our brand. It generally involves providing money, products or services, in exchange for commercial value or brand recognition for Caltex. This is different from donation, which is giving financial support to charitable organizations with minimal or no expected commercial value for Caltex.

Caltex sponsors properties that reflect our brand essence – Providing life’s little refills, reliably, respectfully. This commitment to service excellence is all captured in our advertising tagline "Enjoy the Journey", which transcends all aspects of Caltex’s business. 

Examples of such sponsorships are:

The Amazing Race Asia

Supa Strikas 

How to Apply for Sponsorship

Caltex uses various criteria to evaluate sponsorships. As a minimum, the property should be able to deliver the following benefits:

1.     The Property should reflect well on Caltex's Brand Image:

  • Performance - property has a leadership position in its category and is considered "best in class." It promotes such attributes as teamwork, discipline, and a desire to be the best. The property or the people involved has received awards recognizing them for its excellence.
  • Partnership - Property is recognized for its integrity.
  • People – Property portrays a friendly image and is recognized for being.

2.     The property should be able to maximise Caltex's presence. This could be either through on-site branding, or communication via the tri-media, internet and all other channels available.

3.     The property commands media attention and is able to generate free publicity either because its popular, unique, or innovative.

4.     The property is able to offer Caltex a title, presenting or sole sponsor status.

5.     The property has a good track record in terms of viewership and attendance; and significant loyal following.

6.     The property is embraced by the community and will position Caltex and its retailers as "major players" and/or good corporate citizens in the community. This can be done through an outreach program or fund-raising event integrated into the sponsorship.

7.     The property is able to differentiate Caltex from its competitors. The property should belong to a category not dominated by any of Caltex's competitors.    

If your property meets all of these criteria, then Caltex is willing to evaluate and consider the sponsorship. Please submit your request to Caltex Brand.

Note: The Caltex brand and its associated products and services are owned and operated by Chevron Corporation and its subsidiaries. Chevron does not sponsor individuals; religious or fraternal organizations; public agencies; schools; scholarships; political organizations; organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, sex or other criteria; or any organization that does not coincide with the values and mission of Chevron Corporation.