History of Havoline

History of Havoline

From protecting your engine to enhancing fuel economy, discover how Havoline has continued to produce the most technologically advanced motor oils over the years.

Protect what matters

From our very beginning in 1904, Havoline has understood that protecting your vehicle is about protecting your family, your journeys, getting to and from your job and your loved ones — all of the things that matter in your life.

That’s why we have always sought to deliver the most technologically advanced protection in every motor oil, transmission fluid and other product we make. And in the process, we’ve literally changed the way the world drives.

If you had a car back before Havoline launched in 1904, it probably would have spent the winter idle in the barn, because cold weather could cause waxy motor oils to thicken into a sluggish mass. Havoline engineers overcame this problem by inventing an exclusive filtration process that helped to rid the oil of its waxiness.

As refining advanced, so did additive technologies. In 1946, Havoline introduced its “New and Improved Havoline Motor Oil,” which for the first time featured additives that inhibited corrosion, provided detergent and dispersive action, reduced piston ring wear at both low and high temperatures, and protected against engine rust. These innovations have continued, year after year, and rigorous field tests have proven time and again that Havoline motor oils offer unbeaten performance.

Havoline motor oils have always been associated with outstanding performance, and today’s Havoline products are no different. Havoline motor oils with Deposit Shield technology feature an advanced formulation with science that protects your engine from harmful deposits to help protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle, as well as maximizing fuel economy to help protect the environment.

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