Caltex StarCard for Drivers | Caltex Hong Kong

Fuel up on Caltex StarCard benefits – Control. Convenience. Security

We understand time is of essence to owners of a number of vehicles, which is why we’ve developed the Caltex StarCard by keeping you in the know of your expenditures. This provides you control and convenience in managing your time as Caltex StarCard allows for a variety of management and usage options.

Full control

You decide who gets to use the Caltex StarCard, what can be purchased - fuel, motor oil, lubricants or snacks - and with a pre-set limit, determine just how much can be spent.

Completely secure

All your StarCard transactions is verified and recorded to prevent fraud or abuse. 

30 days’ interest-free credit

Adjusted to your billing cycle to help you manage your cash flow. Pay only after 30 days, free of interest.

Free membership

Caltex StarCard is absolutely free — no annual fee, no subscription fee and no card replacement fee.


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