See How CaltexGO Works

It's simple than you think. Follow these quick tips for the full Caltex Rewards experience (plus all your loyalty perks) making your journey with Caltex even easier, more delightful.

See How CaltexGO Works

1. Register/ Sign-in

Download the latest CaltexGO app from the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play Store for Android.

Set up your CaltexGO account, and you are all ready for digital loyalty card and earn loyalty points, or choose to redeem Caltex points anytime, anywhere.

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2. Manage your account

To get you all set up with going walletless, simply link up your loyalty program, and/or if you are already a member of our exclusive partner, Go Rewards.  

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3. Pay and Earn

Simply visit a Caltex Station and pay how you would like using cash or credit/debit card by presenting your Caltex Rewards QR code when you finish refueling. You can either collect Caltex points or Go Rewards points. Promotions and e-vouchers are automatically applied to your transactions even before you remember it!

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4. Redeem Caltex Points

You can redeem Caltex points for Rewards - like fuel vouchers, dining, shopping or grocery vouchers. Start redeeming with as little as 2,000 points. 

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5. Keep Up-to-Date

Keep up to date with app only offers, new partners' voucher, rewards points summary and more. Don't forget to turn on your notifications to get updates about exclusives members offers that are personalized to your needs.

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