Redeem Caltex Points

You can redeem Caltex points for Rewards - like fuel vouchers, dining, shopping or grocery vouchers. 

Explore the Caltex Rewards partners below.

Redeem Rewards vouchers

Tap "Rewards" on the CaltexGO home screen 

Step 1: Browse the list of Rewards using "See All". Tap on  "" to see more details about the voucher's validity date and terms & conditions.

Step 2: Select the voucher you want to redeem and tap "Redeem" on the voucher detail screen. 

Step 3: Confirm your redemption using "Yes, Proceed" 

Step 4: A success message will display and you can view the voucher using "Go to My Vouchers" or access "View My Vouchers" on home screen


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Tap "View My Vouchers" on home screen to use partners' vouchers

Step 1: View "Active" tab to see the list of rewards to use

Step 2: Tap on  "" to open voucher. 

Step 3: "Mark as Used" if you have redeemed it at partner stores or websites. 


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