HSBC Credit Card

Get more out of your Caltex fuel with HSBC


Your HSBC Credit Card is your perfect everyday partner on the road with its Rebates Plus Rewards Program¹ with Caltex. Simply use your HSBC Credit Card to fuel up at participating Caltex stations nationwide and get a 3% rebate on your credit card bill! At the same time, your fuel spend earns you Bonus Points, which you can use to redeem Rewards items or miles.

What’s also unique is that there’s no need for you to apply for a special fuel-only credit card, because HSBC lets you enjoy fuel rebates at Caltex with any HSBC Credit Card.

Don’t have an HSBC Credit Card yet? Apply now and enjoy a special 6% rebate on your first transaction at Caltex with your new HSBC Credit Card!²

¹Terms and conditions apply. Rebate is given to purchases made at participating Caltex stations of up to a maximum of P20,000 per calendar month. Offer is also valid for HSBC Debit Cards.
²10% rebate will apply for the first transactions made at a participating Caltex station until December 31, 2018. For the first transactions made at a participating Caltex station starting January 1, 2019, 6% rebate will be credited to the account. Succeeding transactions at participating Caltex stations shall earn the regular 3% rebate. 


Terms & Conditions

  1. HSBC Caltex Rebates Plus Rewards Programme (“Programme”) is open to all new and existing primary HSBC credit and debit cardholders (“Cardholders”) in good standing who use their HSBC credit or debit card at participating Caltex stations that accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards (“Participating stations”).This Programme covers all HSBC credit and debit cards issued in the Philippines, namely: HSBC Classic Visa/MasterCard, HSBC Gold Visa/MasterCard, HSBC Platinum Visa, HSBC Premier MasterCard, HSBC Advance Visa, HSBC Red MasterCard and HSBC Debit Cards.
  2. Cardholders participating in the Programme are still entitled to join and/or win in any other applicable Programmes that HSBC may run at the same time unless otherwise specified.
  3. Cardholders under this Programme enjoy the following:
    • Three percent (3%) rebate on all purchases made at Participating stations when they use their HSBC credit or debit card.
    • For newly approved HSBC Cards:
      • Ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the HSBC Cardholder’s first transaction/purchase of products and services from any Valid CALTEX Station using his/her locally-issued HSBC Card for transactions made until December 31, 2018.
      • Six percent (6%) of the total amount of the HSBC Cardholder’s first transaction/purchase of products and services from any Valid CALTEX Station using his/her locally-issued HSBC Card for transactions made starting January 1, 2019.
    • The three percent (3%) and six (6%) or ten percent (10%) Caltex rebates may be availed of by Cardholders who use their HSBC credit or debit card to purchase Caltex fuel for private consumption only and not for commercial use. Transactions up to Php20,000 per calendar month will earn the rebate. Any amount in excess of PHP20,000 per calendar month will not earn a rebate. HSBC and Caltex reserves the right to exclude any single or set of transactions from the computation of the monthly rebate if the transaction/s was/were entered into in violation of this provision.
  4. Cardholders also get to enjoy bonus points/cash back (for HSBC Gold Visa Cash back Credit Cards only) on their HSBC credit card for the full invoice amount and not just the amount net of rebate.
  5. All rebates under this Programme, including rebates earned on Caltex transactions of supplementary Cardholders, shall be credited to the primary Cardholder’s account.
  6. The total amount of rebates earned for each month’s Caltex transactions on the HSBC credit card shall be reflected in the primary Cardholder’s next month’s billing Statement of Account for the month immediately following the month in which the Caltex transactions were posted.
  7. Disputes as to the amount of a posted rebate or as to the absence of an expected rebate should be raised by the Cardholder within 90 days counted from the receipt of the Billing Statement in question. Beyond the said period, Billing Statement shall be deemed correct as regards to amounts relating to Caltex transactions and the respective rebates shall be deemed correct.
  8. Decisions made by HSBC and Caltex, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions as well as with applicable rules and regulations, on all matters relating to this Programme will be at their absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all participants.