Pay & Earn

Simply visit a Caltex Station and pay how you would like using cash or credit/debit card by presenting your Caltex Rewards QR code when you finish refueling. You can either collect Caltex points or Go Rewards points. Promotions and e-vouchers are automatically applied to your transactions even before you remember it!

Pay with Cash or Credit/ Debit card

Tap "Rewards QR Code" on CaltexGO welcome screen 

Step 1: You can toggle the option to use either Caltex Rewards QR code or Partners' QR code (if you have already linked Go Rewards membership with your CaltexGO account).  

Step 2: Any qualifying promotion or vouchers will be automatically applied to your unique QR code.  Scan the QR code in-store and settle your payment with either cash or phycial credit/ debit card. The QR code will be refreshed every 2 minutes.

Tip! Tap on "View Point History" on home screen to see the number of Caltex points being collected if you have used the Caltex Rewards QR code.


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