Way Lubricant X

Machine Tool Slideway Lubricant

Way Lubricant X 68 / 220

68 / 220

Way Lubricant X is a high quality, machine tool slideway lubricant. 

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  • Smooth, chatter-free, accurate operation
    Special friction modifier provides high lubricity to reduce friction and drag which can cause stick-slip and machine tool chatter, adversely affecting surface finish on machined pieces. Tackiness additive provides a high strength, thick oil film that enables accurate table positioning.
  • Protects metal surfaces
    EP additive system produces a protective film under heavily loaded conditions to prevent wear and scoring of slideways and guides.
  • Stays in place
    Special tackiness agent prevents fluid from draining away from lubricated surfaces, particularly on vertical ways. Tackiness and high film strength minimizes squeeze-out of the lubricant on heavily loaded ways, and prevents fluid wash out by emulsifiable cutting fluids.
  • Enhances coolant bath life
    Excellent demulsibility and coolant separability properties enable rapid separation of the way oil from the coolant reducing the tendency of bacteria growth from oil contamination.
  • Combined hydraulic/slideway application
    Lubricant inventory is reduced where an ISO 32 grade is required for use as way lubricant and machine tool hydraulic oil.
  • Way Lubricant X is a high quality, machine tool slideway ubricant.
  • Way Lubricant X isf ormulated from highly refined mineral oil, with EP, friction modifier and tackiness additives
  • Way Lubricant X provides good demulsibility properties for coolant separation.

Can include;

  • Machine tool slideways and guides:
    • Combined slideway/machine tool hydraulic systems (ISO 32)
    • Horizontal slideways (ISO 68)
    • Light-to-moderate applications (ISO 68)
    • Vertical slideways (ISO 220)- More severe applications (ISO 220)
  • Other industrial applications requiring an adhesive, corrosion inhibited lubricant with EP properties

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