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*Fuel discounts excludes LPG and AdBlue, Terms and Conditions apply.

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Manage Fleet Expenses with StarCard

Not all business fuel cards are created equally. If you want control over your fleet card management, trust StarCard.

StarCard is the fuel card that offers a convenient and effective way to manage your fleet. Our fleet card management system is fully adaptable to your company’s needs and allows you to choose from a variety of control and usage options for expense management. It’s the fuel card that is designed to give you greater security and added value in managing your fleet. Discover why StarCard is the smart fleet card choice for your business.

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We have two fleet card options to help you get the right mix of expense management and fuel card accounts that are right for your business.

StarCard Open Loop is the fleet card that provides ultimate coverage. This fleet card option allows access to all Caltex and Puma Energy service stations, as well as being welcome at fuel sites where WEX Motorpass cards are accepted. Use your StarCard at 6,000+ service stations and industry partners Australia-wide.

With Closed Loop fuel cards, you can avoid paying transaction fees and always enjoy the power of Caltex with Techron®, available across all petrol grades in every fuel station.

You can have a mix of these cards across your fuel card account - choose the card that suits you best.

Stay in Control of Fuel Card Costs and Card Usage

Managing a fleet of cars, vans, trucks and buses, can be a logistical and financial challenge. With Caltex StarCard fuel cards, you will be able to identify and monitor which vehicles spend the most on fuel and services every month. You’ll be able to monitor which fleet fuel cards are filling up and at which fuel station they are using most frequently. Caltex StarCard allows you to stay in control of your fleet expense management.


At Caltex, we offer two different versions of our fuel cards tailored specifically to your needs and cash flow. Each fuel card can be used at any of our fuel sites configured in any of the following three ways:

Driver and Vehicle Card

One card for use by the same driver for the same vehicle

Card embossing contains driver's name and vehicle rego

Driver's signature required

Card can be set up with a PIN*

Driver Card

One card per driver

Card embossing contains driver's name

Driver's signature required

Card can be set up with a PIN*

Vehicle Card

One card per vehicle

Card embossing contains all of the vehicle details, i.e. make, model and vehicle rego or just the rego

No signature required

Card can be set up with a PIN*

*Please note that PINs are not accepted at all merchants

Perks and Discounts

With Caltex StarCard, get more from your fuel card with access to several non-fuel perks and discounts. You have the flexibility of choosing different purchasing options for your drivers or vehicles. Whether you allow some drivers to only purchase fuel and oil, or let others make shop purchases - it’s up to you. Caltex StarCard Open Loop cardholders can save money beyond the bowser with access to exclusive perks and discounts.

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Optional StarCard Roadside Assistance Subscription

There’s nothing worse than when your vehicle won’t work. And we know that whether it be morning, noon, or night, sitting behind the wheel waiting for help is time that you’ll never get back.

That’s why we offer StarCard Roadside Assistance – a team that’s there to help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Find a Caltex StarCard location near you

A Caltex StarCard can be used at all Caltex StarCard merchant locations across Australia. The Open Loop Caltex StarCard is also accepted at over 6,000 service stations and industry partners across Australia.

To view a full list of locations that offer eligible discounts to all Caltex StarCard customers, please visit our Caltex StarCard locator.


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