VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner

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VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner (ISC) is a deposit-cleaning product added directly to the oil in use during operation to clean a system of varnish and sludge before a scheduled oil change. VARTECH™ ISC helps prepare the system for optimum performance of a new, fresh oil charge.

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VARTECH™ ISC delivers value through:

  • The stabilization of varnish and sludge deposits into the oil to enable their efficient removal through a scheduled oil change, restoring system operational efficiency.
  • Minimal filter plugging.
  • Its excellent compatibility with many turbine and compressor products (mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon based).
  • The retention of both oil/water separability and oxidation life performance.
  • Excellent seal compatibility.
  • Extended cleaning times.

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner:

When added to the end-of-life in-service oil, VARTECH™ ISC’s state-of-the-art triple-action technology:

  • Cuts through hard varnish to remove it as micro-sized varnish particles.
  • Captures and stabilizes the micro-sized varnish particles in a protective barrier to enable effective removal of the varnish from the system without re-depositing to the equipment.
  • Provides compatibility with the in-service oil for optimum operational flexibility while maintaining system performance during the cleaning cycle to prepare for change out to fresh oil.

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner is suitable for use in concentrations between 5% to 20% of the total oil volume in the system. It is designed to be effective under normal operating temperatures, not to exceed 120°C (250°F).

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner is formulated for use and is compatible with many mineral, synthetic hydrocarbon or ester based compressor and turbine oils. It is effective in varnish and sludge removal from steam and gas turbines, and various types of air compressors.

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