Transformer Oil Inhibited

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Transformer Oil Inhibited

Transformer Oil Inhibited is a premium performance inhibited electrical insulation oil suitable for use in normal or severe operating conditions such as high ambient temperatures, where oxidation resistant and thermally stable insulating oils meeting the IEC 60296:2020 Type B transformer oil specification are required.

Transformer Oil Inhibited is formulated with highly refined inhibited naphthenic base oils and does not contain poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

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  • Oxidation resistance prevents sludge, deposits and soluble compounds in high ambient temperatures or extended service conditions
  • Efficient heat transfer in cooling transformer component by removal of heat from heat generating components
  • Maximize life for oil switches with rapid arc quenching properties to reduce contact erosion
  • Low solvency of oil components helps to protects electrical wire elements.
  • Maintains transformer efficiency with high dielectric strength and low dissipation factor provide good insulating characteristics
  • Formulated for severe operating conditions
  • Oxidation resistant and thermally stable
  • Extended service life
  • PCB-free
  • Transformers
  • Oil-immersed switchgear
  • Circuit breakers
  • Oil-filled capacitors
  • Tap changers
  • Electrical reclosures
  • Fuses

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