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Texatherm® is a proven performance highly refined, thermally stable paraffinic petroleum oil, formulated for use as an industrial heat transfer fluid for closed and open heat transfer systems with forced circulation.

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  • Formulated to promote energy efficient heat transfer performance
  • Oxidation and thermal stability helps resist harmful sludge and coke formation and contributes to long oil service life
  • Low temperature fluidity assists rapid system start-up
  • Low vapour pressure at elevated temperatures helps minimise evaporation, vapour lock and pump cavitation
  • Efficient low pressure operation avoids the need for expensive high pressure pipe-work and heat exchanger systems
  • Promotes energy efficient heat transfer
  • Helps prevent harmful sludge and coke formation
  • Assists rapid system start-up
  • Aids efficient low pressure operation
  • May be used in heat transfer systems in industrial drying applications, rubber and plastics manufacture, heating of asphalt and fuel oil tanks, food processing, cooking and canning, factory heating, manufacture of soap, resin, glue, dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals and grease, wood laminate, fibre board and veneer manufacture, agricultural heating and drying, and chemical, petroleum and wax processing
  • Maximum bulk oil temperature - 288°C
  • Maximum film temperature on heater surfaces - 316°C
  • Maximum temperature of oil surface in contact with air in open systems - 107°C

Systems must have forced circulation of the heat transfer fluid. 

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