Texamatic® 1888 | Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Texamatic® 1888

Texamatic® 1888 High performance, multipurpose, shear stable, anti-wear automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with Voith Turbo approval. 

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  • Maximises transmission life
    Shear stable viscosity index improver resists break down under high shear conditions found in modern transmissions, ensuring that the oil viscosity and film thickness continue to protect the moving components. EP additive minimises wear of transmission parts under all service conditions.
  • Smooth operation
    Combination of friction modifiers, base oil viscosity and shear stable viscosity index improvers provides optimum frictional characteristics, ensuring smooth and fuel efficient gear shifting and torque transfer.
  • Increased oil life
    Superior oxidation inhibitors combined with high performance hydrocracked basestocks provide an exceptional level of oxidation resistance and thermal stability which prevents acid build up, oil thickening and deposit formation.
  • Texamatic® 1888 High performance, multipurpose, shear stable, anti-wear automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with Voith Turbo approval.
  • Texamatic® 1888 is formulated with high performance hydrocracked base oils and the latest additive technology to provide exceptional oxidation resistance, extended oil life and outstanding wear protection.
  • Car and light truck automatic transmissions where conventional automatic transmissions are required.
  • On-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions.
  • Off-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions.

Not recommended for use in automatic transmissions that required anti-shudder or low-viscosity fluids.

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