Meropa EliteSyn WL 320

Industrial Gear Oils

Meropa EliteSyn WL 320

Meropa® EliteSyn WL are premium performance synthetic gear oils designed for use in wind turbine and other industrial gearboxes. They are formulated for long life protection against micropitting and wear under high load and shock load conditions.

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  • Protects metal surfaces
    The excellent lubricity and wetability characteristics of the high viscosity mineral oil compounded with selected fatty oils provides high film strength to protect both worm gears, and steam cylinders and valves from wear. The effective inhibitor system protects components against rust and corrosion.
  • Improves operation
    The refined grade of fatty compounding material used in the formulation allows relatively easy separation from steam and condensate, compared with other compounded cylinder oils containing different types of fatty oils. Good atomising properties enable the oil to be evenly distributed over the surfaces of the cylinder walls and piston rods for effective lubrication in the presence of steam. The antifoam inhibitor ensures smooth delivery of lubricant to the working surfaces.
  • Extends oil service life
    The good oxidation and thermal stability of the refined fatty compounding material resists oil breakdown with heat.
  • Meropa® WG oil is a premium quality, high viscosity, industrial gear oil with low carbon residue, compounded with selected fatty oils together with rust and foam inhibitors.
  • Meropa® WG has also been designed for steam cylinder and valve lubrication where the steam is wet or of poor quality. 

Can include;

  • Heavily loaded industrial worm gear sets
  • Low speed, heavily loaded spur and helical gears
  • Low speed or high temperature bearings
  • Steam cylinder and valve lubrication where the steam is wet or of poor quality

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