Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80

Axle Oil

Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80

Ultra High Performance Heavy Duty Synthetic Automotive Gearbox Lubricant

Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80 is a premium synthetic, manual transmission fluid formulated specifically for Volvo iShift and Mack mDrive automated manual transmissions.

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  • Extended drain capabilities
    Long drain capabilities exceeding 400,000km contributes to reduced transmission overhauls and downtime. Provides extended life service up to 800,000km in Volvo and Mack automated manual transmissions depending on severity of operating conditions, best monitored through an in-service oil analysis program.
  • Excellent shift quality and friction durability
    Specially tuned friction characteristics promote smooth and easy shifting. Highly durable synchromesh friction properties provide consistent performance throughout the fluid lifetime.
  • Extreme pressure protection
    Protects against transmission gear scuffing, pitting and adhesive wear even at a lower viscosity level allowing for excellent parts protection.
  • Superb thermal and oxidation stability
    Formulated for high temperature performance and excellent oxidation resistance to protect against sludge, varnish, lacquer and harmful deposit buildup in order to keep critical transmission components clean.
  • High viscosity index and low pour point
    Excellent low temperature performance allowing for rapid circulation of the fluid for easier cold start up and reduced stress on the transmission components. 
  • Wide seal compatibility
    This product is compatible with a wide range of seal elastomers helping to prevent seal deterioration and fluid loss.
  • Excellent shear stability
    Contributes to robust viscosity retention and system protection throughout fluid service life.
  • Fuel economy performance
    Provides fuel economy savings compared to more viscous fully synthetic SAE 50 and SAE 75W-90 transmission lubricants to help minimise vehicle operating costs. Best used in combination to complement with Delo Syn-Gear XDM SAE 75W-90 in drive axles to maximise fuel economy benefit.
  • Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80 is a premium synthetic, manual transmission fluid formulated specifically for Volvo iShift and Mack mDrive automated manual transmissions.
  • Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80 is a premium heavy duty, automated manual transmission fluid engineered to provide excellent fluid shear stability and superb frictional characteristics to promote smooth, easy shifting. The high performance additives allow for excellent resistance to rust and corrosion and are compatible with various types of ferrous and yellow metals.
  • Delo® Syn-Trans XV is designed for extended drain service in heavy duty synchronised manual truck transmissions. It is formulated with fully synthetic PAO base oils and a specially balanced additive combination to promote reduction in transmission maintenance and overhauls.
  • Delo® Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80 is recommended for use in heavy duty on-road truck synchronised manual and automated manual transmissions when operating on extended service under severe conditions and in extremely cold or hot environments.
  • In addition to its formal OEM approvals, field trial data has been amassed demonstrating its capability for extended rain in numerous other truck applications. Field trial vehicles include those manufactured by MAN, Mercedes Benz, Scania, and Volvo; transmissions include those manufactured by the truck constructors themselves and by ZF, including AS Tronic models and models fitted with intarders.
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