Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90

Axle Oil

Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90

Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 is a premium performance fully synthetic Total Driveline Lubricant with extended drain capability, suitable for use in both API GL 4 and API GL 5 applications, and offers good thermal stability in higher temperature operations.

Delo Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 is formulated with fully synthetic base oils in combination with an advanced high performance additive system.

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  • Specially tuned friction characteristics make the product suitable for use in many synchronized manual transmissions as well as in final drives, allowing the advantage of product rationalisation.
  • Offers significantly longer service than conventional mineral gear oils in many applications – up to twice as long in transmissions and three times as long in drive axles.
  • Long-drain capability, reducing the need for overhauls.
  • High performance additives provide excellent EP and antiwear performance, protecting components against scuffing and wear.
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity, providing component protection by allowing fast oil circulation during cold weather start-up.
  • High Viscosity Index and excellent shear stability, ensuring that the viscosity and film thickness will be sufficient for effective lubrication - even at high operating temperatures - throughout the fluid’s lifetime.
  • Excellent oxidation stability, preventing oil thickening during service and formation of harmful varnish and deposits.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of elastomer materials, preventing loss of fluid due to seal deterioration.
  • Rust and corrosion protection of ferrous and yellow metal gears and bearings.
  • Good resistance to foaming.
  • Suitable for many synchronized manual transmissions and final drives.
  • Long-drain capability.
  • Offers extended service capabilities.
  • Provides reliable EP protection and wear resistance.
  • Offers rapid oil circulation during cold start-up.
  • High Viscosity Index and good shear stability.

Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 is designed for use in automotive manual transmissions which require a fluid with API GL-4 or GL-5 performance, and for hypoid drive axles where an EP oil meeting API GL-5 or MT-1 is required. It is approved against standard SAE J2360 (former MIL-PRF-2105E).

The thermal stability makes Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 suitable for use in applications with higher operating temperatures than is possible when using mineral gear oils. The special characteristics of the synthetic base oils lead to a reduction in the operating temperature, further extending the service capability in arduous operating conditions, or improving fuel economy in normal service conditions. It is capable of significantly longer service intervals than conventional mineral gear oils: up to 2 times longer in transmissions and more than 3 times longer in drive axles. (The precise service interval varies according to application and service severity – refer to the manufacturers’ literature for further details).

Delo® Syn-TDL SAE 75W-90 is not recommended for use in ZF transmissions fitted with intarders (this includes some models from constructors such as DAF and MAN). For these exceptions, use an approved fluid such as Delo® Syn-MTF XZ 75W-80.

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