Delo® 710 LS SAE 20W-40

Rail Road Oil

Delo® 710 LS SAE 20W-40

Delo® 710 LS products are industry leading, premium diesel engine oils for use in GE and EMD Tier 4 engines in marine, railroad and power generation applications. Delo® 710 LS SAE 20W-40 and SAE 40 have approvals for LMOA Generation 7 for use in GE engines, as well as having Progress Rail approval for use in EMD engines.

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Delo® 710 LS products deliver value and long engine life through:

  • Excellent Wear Control
  • Helps maximise engine cleanliness
  • Exhaust system and turbocharger deposit control
  • Excellent Oxidation stability, soot dispersancy and base retention for long oil life with newly designed low consumption power assemblies
  • SAE 20W-40 helps provide a 15% to 25% oil consumption reduction Formulated specifically for engines using Low Sulfur and Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuels

Delo® 710 LS products are approved for use in GE and EMD for Tier 4 compliant engines and are backwardly compatible with all previous engines.

Delo® 710 LS products are specifically formulated for use with Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD) and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels and new low emission engines.

Delo® 710 LS products use premium quality base oils that are exceptionally pure, with extremely low levels of sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics to enhance oxidation resistance.

Delo® 710 LS employs complex detergents, advanced dispersants and excellent oxidation and wear inhibitors to effectively address the deleterious effects of lower oil consumption and engine modifications in new and re-manufactured Tier 4, Tier 3, Tier 2+, Tier 1+ and Tier 0+ locomotives. In addition, the 20W-40 viscosity grade can reduce oil consumption 15-25% vs monograde engine oils. All of these features make Delo® 710 LS an excellent lubricant for engines using LSD and ULSD fuels with or without exhaust after treatment equipment. 

Delo® 710 LS is recommended for diesel engines using LSD or ULSD fuels where Zn-free oils are required in the following applications: 

  • Railroad
  • Marine
  • Offshore Drilling and Production
  • Stationary Power Generation
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