Aquatex 3180

Metalworking Fluid

Aquatex® 3180

Aquatex® 3180 oil is a general purpose soluble oil formulated with special base oils, coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers.

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  • Efficient machining and grinding
    Level of detergency prevents loading of grinding wheel with grit and fines, and also assists in flushing and settling of chips. Low foaming tendency is an advantage in high speed operations.
  • High precision and surface finish
    Excellent cooling and lubricity properties of the emulsion allow for effective heat transfer from the cutting zone, reducing friction between the tool and workpiece, to provide dimensional accuracy and good surface finish on parts.
  • Low maintenance
    Level of detergency assists in flushing and settling of grinding dirt, promoting longer wheel life. The selected base oil component of the emulsion provides effective rust protection of machine and parts, and the high level of reserve alkalinity reduces acids that develop in emulsion systems with use.
  • Aquatex®3180 oil is a general purpose soluble oil formulated with special base oils, coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers.
  • Aquatex®3180 oil has been designed to form very stable emulsions, even with relatively hard water.
  • Aquatex®3180 oil exhibits high levels of detergency and reserve alkalinity, low foaming tendencies, and contains a biocide to combat a wide spectrum of micro-organisms commonly found in sumps and reservoirs.

Can include:

  • Light machining such as drilling, planing, milling, sawing and turning operations on a variety of carbon and alloy steels ranging from soft to medium hardness, particularly where carbide tip tooling is being used.
  • Recommended for grinding operations where very clean emulsions are typically required to permit rapid settling of fines.

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