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Our premium lubricants allow marine vessels to reliably navigate the harshest waters. We work to streamline your inland marine vessels to lower operating costs and reduce downtime.  

Achieve performance and compliance

Our products are developed for the latest trends, such as dual fuel, low sulfur, and Tier 4 emissions requirements. We offer products that provide superb water separability, as well as products that provide biodegradability to help protect waterways, and maintain compliance.

Product Categories

Marine Engine Oils

Caltex’s marine engine oils have been formulated for use in high salinity conditions and ensure peak performance and exceptional reliability across heavy-duty engines.

Taro® 20 DP

A medium alkaline reserve (20 Base Number) trunk piston engine oil (TPEO).

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Taro® Ultra 100

Taro® Ultra is a slow-speed engine oil and cylinder lubricant specifically designed to cope with the demands and required flexibility for IMO 2020.

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Taro® Ultra 40

Taro® Ultra 40 is a slow-speed engine oil designed to cope with the demands and flexibility for IMO 200. Perfect for engine protection and cleanliness.

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Hydraulic Fluids

The extreme pressures in pumps and valves lead to increased metal-to-metal contact and accelerated wear. That’s why we’ve specifically engineered our hydraulic fluids to reduce wear using premium base oil together with world class additives technology.

Rando® HD

Rando® HD oils are a hydraulic fluid designed to give robust protection to hydraulic pumps in mobile and stationary systems. Learn about the benefits.

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Rando® HDZ

Rando® HDZ is a premium quality, shear stable, multiviscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, designed to give robust protection for hydraulic systems.

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Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oils AW

Formulated with synthetic base stock and an ashless (“zincfree”) additive system that provides exceptional oxidation stability, water separability, foam suppression, and protection against wear, rust and corrosion.

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Our coolants feature patented organic corrosion inhibitors that are designed to improve heat transfer, reduce operating costs, eliminate the need for supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) and extend the life of both engine and cooling system.

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Extended Life Coolants product list

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Gear Oils

Gears running at extreme temperatures and high loads require high-quality lubricants to ensure efficient wear protection for bearings and gears.

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Meropa® Gear Oils Family of products

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Using the right grease helps protect your heavy machinery from extreme temperatures, pressures, and impact, extending reliability and service life and saving you money in the long run.

Delo® Starplex® Moly 3% EP2

A premium, multipurpose EP grease to protect metal surfaces. Perfect for construction equipment, road rollers, and more. Find out more here.

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Multifak® EP 2

A multipurpose EP grease containing highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

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Multifak® EP 3

A multipurpose EP grease containing highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

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Compressor Oils

Our compressor oils are specifically engineered for use in stationary rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating compressors to deliver high efficiency and service life.

Cetus® PAO

Cetus® PAO is a premium performance, synthetic compressor oil based on polyalphaolefin technology, designed for advanced protection and efficiency.

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Cetus® DE

A premium performance, synthetic air compressor oil based on diester technology, designed for stronger protection and extend service life. Learn more.

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Compressor Oils Comparison Chart

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Turbine Oils

Protect and prolong the service life of expensive turbine equipment by using our quality turbine oils to guard against corrosion and harmful deposit formation.


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Turbine Oils Family of products

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GST Premium 32 Turbine Oil

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Your mission: protect your gearboxes

See how we can help you fight back against sinister elements attacking your equipment.

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