Caltex Star Driver Programme

The loyalty programme
that respects you as a professional driver.

Whether you’re a private-hire or a taxi driver, we recognise your pride as a professional driver and we want to enable you to go further in your profession. Star Driver is a loyalty programme designed to help private-hire drivers and licensed taxi drivers enjoy great rewards as they progress in their driving career. Check out the benefits below:


star driver 2024

That's right - they are all yours.

At Caltex, we are all for growth and improvement. Thus, we have specially curated a list of rewards that you will enjoy as you progress in your career as a professional driver. Anticipate more rewards coming your way as you drive your way to greater things in life.

Are you an existing Cabbie 21 member? Make the switch to the Star Driver programme now.

It's easy and simple and the best part - it's all within your fingertips! Simply download the app and start tapping away to exciting and irresistible rewards.

T&Cs apply.