Havoline® Fully Synthetic Hybrid

Havoline® Fully Synthetic Hybrid

Havoline® Fully Synthetic Hybrid is specifically formulated for a perfect fit for Hybrid cars. It is a resource conserving, multigrade gasoline engine oil formulated with synthetic base oils and advanced additive technologies specially designed for use with Hybrid Electric Vehicles (H.E.V) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (P.H.E.V.). It gives your Hybrid vehicle the extra care it requires.

It's the smart choice for Hybrid cars.




Specifically-Formulated for Hybrids

  • For short-running engine hybrids in low operating temperature conditions, good control in sludge formation keeps the engine clean.
  • High thermal stability and oxidation resistance protects against deterioration of in-service oil caused by filter blocking and sludge formation.
Cleaner Engine
Smoother Oil Flow



Excellent Hybrid Engine Protection

  • Protects the engine with excellent corrosion resistance and anti-rust ability during water contamination.
  • Provides added protection during frequent start/stop for maximum performance by reducing engine friction and ensuring smooth oil flow.
fully synthetic hybrid



Maintains Optimal Hybrid Power

  • Emulsion-forming technology facilitates smooth oil flow even during fuel and water contamination. 
  • Instantly creates a protective coating upon contact with moving engine parts that shields the engine from deposits resulting in performance loss.
superior engine prot
Low Oil Consumption

Low Oil Consumption

Synthetic base oil minimizes oil loss through evaporation.

Reduces Fuel consumption

Reduces Fuel Consumption
Improved viscosity and effective friction modifiers help to minimize engine friction losses.
Extended Drain Intervals

Extended Drain Intervals
High thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance prevent oil degradation extending intervals between oil changes.
Caltex Havoline Hybrid