Techron® Fuels Technology - Caltex Singapore

The cleaning power of Techron® – From research to the real world


Not all fuels are the same. When you use inferior-quality fuel, deposits form in vital parts of your engine. Techron®'s formulation is special because it contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits. 

But Techron wasn’t discovered overnight – it’s an innovative formulation that’s the result of decades of rigorous research and development. At the Chevron Richmond Technology Center, in United States, our team of chemists and engineers test and retest Techron’s effectiveness in all kinds of engine and vehicle conditions—to bring you results that are far from standard.

This cleaning additive that’s trusted by motorists, mechanics, and manufacturers around the world is in all our Petrol and Diesel fuels.