CaltexGO, faster way to refuel with easy fuel payment

CaltexGO is the fastest and easiest way to pay for your fuel, earn and redeem loyalty points
- all without your wallet

Drive to your nearest Caltex station to try our new CaltexGO experience, available on iPhone or Android phones.




Set up your preferred credit/ debit card, and you can pay for fuel from the comfort of your car. There has never been an easier way to pay for fuel. Phone, Fuel, Go!

CaltexGO Now Accepts:
- Visa and Mastercard
- Caltex StarCard (Personal)
- GrabPay



CaltexGO - Mobile Payment


CaltexGO - Collect & Redeem Loyalty Points




New feature

Connect your Link Card to automatically earn points with every fuel purchase*. You can also redeem your Linkpoints for fuel via the CaltexGO app! Simply proceed with your fueling experience as you have with CaltexGO. When you reach the payment summary screen, choose how many Linkpoints you'd like to offset from the particular transaction and click 'Pay Now' to utilize these Linkpoints for greater fuel savings!

*Linkpoints will be processed within 48 hours of your transaction.

**For redemption of Linkpoints via CaltexGO, points will be redeemed based on the gross fuel purchase amount followed by card promotions or discounts (if any).

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What you can get from CaltexGO

Be among the first to experience CaltexGO and enjoy special promotions.

Confirm your current Caltex Station in seconds

View your transaction history anytime, anywhere


How it works


1. Turn on Location Services

Drive to your nearest Caltex station and enable your Location Services. Confirm the current Caltex station by selecting "Mobile Pay".


Tips: Turn on location services for iphone

1. Go to your iPhone's Settings
2. Tap Privacy > Location Services
3. Scroll down and tap CaltexGO
4. Select 'While Using the App' to choose location access

Details >
Pump number

2. Enter your pump number

After you have completed refuelling, replaced the pump nozzle and returned to your car. Open your CaltexGO app. Enter your pump number and check the amount shown in the app against what’s displayed on the pump, take a moment to double check you’ve entered the right pump number and tap "Confirm" to continue. 

Pay now

3. Redeem Your Linkpoints For Fuel. Tap “Pay Now”

Redeem your Linkpoints for fuel by sliding the slider in the Loyalty Redemption Box. Then tap the “Pay Now” button and the app will show that your payment was successful and a receipt will be emailed to you. You're good to carry on ahead on your journey.

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