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What is Techron® Concentrate Plus?

Techron Concentrate Plus is an advanced fuel additive that helps clean fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers with just one treatment.  The result is a cleaner engine, which leads to better performance, lower emissions and restored fuel economy.  The exclusive formulation of Techron Concentrate Plus is based on polyetheramine (PEA) chemistry, and delivers unsurpassed fuel system cleaning.

Why should I use Techron® Concentrate Plus?

Techron® Concentrate Plus is for you if:

  • you drive an older vehicle, which has a spark ignition or hybrid engine 
  • are uncertain about your vehicle’s fuel history
  • use inferior-quality fuel once in a while
  • often drive in severe conditions, for example; with frequent start-stop driving

How do I use Techron® Concentrate Plus?

Simply pour a bottle into your nearly empty fuel tank. Then fill up as you normally would. Techron® Concentrate Plus works in one tankful. 

How often should Techron® Concentrate Plus be used?

Techron® Concentrate Plus should be used every 5,000 kilometres or at every oil change. 

If I already use Caltex with Techron® fuel, do I need to use Techron® Concentrate Plus as well?

If you are using a high-quality gasoline such as Caltex with Techron® exclusively, you do not need Techron® Concentrate Plus. However, if you occasionally fill up with lower quality gasoline, Techron® Concentrate Plus can help clean up deposits that can form over time.  In addition, if you have an engine that is sensitive to deposit formation, or if your vehicle is regularly used under severe conditions, you may benefit from using Techron® Concentrate Plus.

What is the difference between Caltex with Techron® at the pump and Techron® Concentrate Plus in the bottle?

The principal difference is additive concentration and rate of deposit clean up. Caltex gasolines with Techron® over multiple fill-ups will help clean deposits on intake valves and minimize harmful combustion chambers deposits. When added to a full tank of gasoline, a bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus is like a mega-dose of Techron® which results in much quicker clean-up of intake valve deposits. In addition, the high concentration of Techron® reduces combustion chamber deposits, which can help eliminate deposit-related engine knock or power loss.

Can a full bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus be used in smaller fuel tanks?

If Techron® Concentrate Plus is used in smaller displacement engines, such as a motorcycle, you should not use the whole bottle. We recommend 80 ml of Techron® Concentrate Plus for every 10 litres of fuel.

How does Techron® Concentrate Plus compare to other bottled fuel additives?

Techron® Concentrate Plus is a Complete Fuel System Cleaner and is unsurpassed in cleaning the entire fuel system in one tankful.  Techron® Concentrate Plus has been used by OEMs worldwide to solve deposit-related problems. We regularly evaluate competitive products to ensure that Techron® Concentrate Plus continues to deliver unsurpassed fuel system cleaning. And, with one of the most concentrated formulas available, you can be rest assured that Techron® Concentrate Plus can do everything it claims.

Can I use both Caltex with Techron Fuel and Techron Concentrate Plus?

If you regularly use a high quality fuel like Caltex with Techron, you probably don’t need TechronConcentrate Plus. But if you occasionally fill up with lower quality gasoline, you may need Techron Concentrate Plus to help clean up deposits that can build up over time.

Would I definitely feel the difference after using Techron Concentrate Plus?

Techron Concentrate Plus has been sold and trusted worldwide and the technology has been inuse in cars all over the world since 1980s. The Techron technology cleans deposits built up in your engine’s fuel system and therefore restores your engine’s performance and power. The difference you will experience depends on how much deposit was built up in your fuel systems.

Can I use both Caltex Diesel with Techron® D and Techron® D Concentrate?

If you regularly use a high quality diesel like Caltex Diesel with Techron® D, you probably don’t need Techron® D Concentrate. But if you occasionally fill up with lower quality or biodiesel, you may need  Techron® D Concentrate to help clean up deposits that can build up over time.

Would I feel the difference after using Techron® D Concentrate?

Techron® D Concentrate has been tested using various industry & OEM standard test (example:XUD-9, DW10 & IDID injection test). It has been proven to restore lost power due to removal ofdeposits and restore injector flow in critical injection parts in diesel fuel system. The difference you will experience depends on how much deposits had been built up in your fuel system.

Can Techron® D Concentrate be a substitute of the Techron® Concentrate Plus and vice versa?

No, they are different products.
Techron® D Concentrate is for diesel engines whileTechron® Concentrate Plus is for petrol engines.

What makes Techron® Diesel Concentrate different from other brands?

As a fuel system cleaner with precision clean technology, it contains special formula bonds that target and remove stubborn carbon deposits even from the darkest corners of your diesel engines that other fuel additives may leave behind. Techron® D Concentrate keeps your engine clean, thus improving engine responsiveness, drivability and noise reduction. It also provides cetane boost, which improves combustion for reduced emissions and enhances cold starting for a cleaner engine and better driving performance.

Is Techron® D Concentrate compatible with bio-diesel?

It can be used with all types of diesel fuel, including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio diesel or bio diesel blends and will not harm after treatment devices such as diesel fuel and particulate filters.

Is there a maximum number of bottles that we can mix in with the fuel or will it be harmful to put too much?

The recommended dosage is one 16oz bottle for 80L of diesel fuel after every 5,000 km.
Generally, there's no harm from over-dosage, but we wouldn't want you to waste money.

It is stated to be used every 5,000 km. Is there a specific time when we should pour in?

As everyone drives differently, this impacts distance covered. On average, we recommend the use of Techron® D Concentrate every 3 months (5,000 km) for optimum performance.

What’s the recommend dosage of Techron® D Concentrate for large fuel tanks such as in trucks and buses?

Recommended dosage of Techron® D Concentrate is 1 16-oz bottle for every 80-liter tank. The number of bottles can be adjusted depending on the size of the tank of the vehicle. The bigger the tank, the more bottles may be needed.

Will Techron® D Concentrate affect the additives already present in other fuels?

No, it would not affect additives' that are already present in fuels, based on our comprehensive compatibility testings.