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New to CaltexGO? 

Simply follow this step-by-step guide to set up your account and get ready for your next pump at Caltex! It's all within your fingertips.

Download CaltexGO

1. Download the CaltexGO app 

Download our app for your iPhone or Android phones from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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2. Launch the CaltexGO App

Once the download is complete, locate the CaltexGO icon on your iPhone or Android phones and launch the app to start registration.

But remember, only use the app in an enclosed stationary vehicle or inside the convenience store when you're at a Caltex service station. 


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3. Registration

Simply follow the on-screen prompts to start the registration process and enjoy the features found in the mobile app.

Tip: For easy registration, simply login with either your Facebook account or Google account. 


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4. Connect your Link Card

Using your Link Card at Caltex has never been more rewarding! Connect your Link Card to your CaltexGO account to start earning Linkpoints!

Earn 2 Linkpoints with every litre of fuel purchased at Caltex and redeem your Linkpoints for attractive dining, fashion, travel and lifestyle rewards at over 1,100 Link Merchants. You can also use 100 Linkpoints to redeem $1 off your fuel purchase at all Caltex Service Stations.

 *Linkpoints will be processed within 48 hours of your CaltexGO transaction.

For various Link Cards:

LINK CARD Membership card: Key in the 16 digits found on the front of your membership card.

NTUC LINK CARD Membership card: Key in the 16 digits found on the back of your membership card.

NEBO CARD Membership card: Key in the 16 digits found on the back of your membership card.

NTUC LINK VISA Membership card with payment function: VISA card does not contain your Link number on the card. You can seek help from a Link merchant, such as your neighborhood Caltex cashier to generate a Link Card balance statement which includes your Link Card number.

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5. Set up your Payment Method

You're almost there! Let’s add your credit/debit card or Caltex StarCard (Personal) or link your GrabPay account to your CaltexGO account to complete the registration process. For a list of ongoing bank promotions with CaltexGO, simply click here to check out which cards enjoy the best fuel savings. 

Tip: Both credit and debit card payments made via Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

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6. Other Functionalities

You're all set to go at this point, but we'd like to show you to more features of the CaltexGO app! 

Simply tap the drop-down menu (shaped with four horizontal lines on the top left of the app) to view the other functionalities! 

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7. Other Functionalities (Payment)

Tap on "Payment" in the drop-down menu toview the card that is registered with your CaltexGO account.

The 4 digits shown on this screen refers to the last 4 digits of the payment card that you registered previously. The percentage discount besides the card shows the amount of upfront discount you will receive based on the payment card you added during the registration process.

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8. Other Functionalities (Loyalty)

Tap on "Loyalty" in the drop-down menu to see the Link Card registered with your CaltexGO account. The number displayed is the Link Card number associated with the account. 

Tip: Don't have a Link Card? Simply visit any Caltex service station to purchase a new Link Card at $10 (one-time membership fee) and enjoy $15 worth of fuel e-vouchers exclusively at Caltex!

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9. Other Functionalities (Transactions)

Wallets packed with receipts or unsure if you were charged correctly? Fret not. With the CaltexGO app, you can go green and receive your receipts via your registered email. You can view your transaction history online anytime, anywhere.. 

Your receipts on the CaltexGO app will be organised by date, with your most recent transaction at the top of the list. Tap each transaction to display the details!

Remember to check your junk folder for <> if you are unable to locate your receipt.. 

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10. Other Functionalities (Promotions)

Be amongst the first to experience CaltexGO and enjoy special promotions! Simply navigate to the home screen and tap on "Promotions" to view a list of ongoing CaltexGO promotions 

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The registration process is complete and you're now officially a registered CaltexGO user.

Skip the long queues and enjoy fast and convenient payment with the CaltexGO app.


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More questions? Simply refer to our FAQs