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Here’s what our Singapore users are saying about

Caltex with Techron®

“My engine is so clean. Through the camera (borescope), I saw it’s really like a new car! So I’m very impressed.” – Jean Mok, loyal Caltex fuel user.


Watch as we put Jean’s car engine to the test to see if Caltex with Techron® has kept it clean and protected.


“My car doesn’t feel so heavy. It feels quite feather light. Something new to me actually.” – Kimberly, new Caltex fuel user.


Watch how Caltex with Techron® helped to bring Kimberly’s 15 year old car back to its glory days of feeling lightweight.


Download the Caltex Voice of Users Terms and Conditions here.

Experience the cleaning power of Caltex with Techron

Drive to your nearest Caltex station to try our Clean & Glide Technology formulation, available across all our petrol grades.

Regular 92 with Techron

Regular 92 with Techron

Recommended for the less demanding driver, this petrol is light on the pocket and heavy on all the 5-Star benefits of the new & improved Techron formulation.

Premium 95 with Techron

Premium 95 with Techron

Recommended for most drivers, this 5-Star petrol maintains optimal engine performance with the new & improved Techron formulation for protection, performance and fuel efficiency.

Ultra-Premium Platinum 98 with Techron

Ultra-Premium Platinum 98 with Techron

Designed for high performance engines and their demanding drivers, this superior grade petrol has all the 5-Star benefits, including the new and improved Techron formulation.