FAQs StarCard Mobile

Where can I download the StarCard Online mobile app?

StarCard Online Mobile app is available on Apple and Google Play Store.

What OS versions are compatible with StarCard Online mobile app?

Any devices running on Apple iOS 9.0 and Android 4.1 and above.

How do I register for a log in account?

You do not need to register an account on the mobile app. Your log in credentials will be the same as StarCard Online.

What do I do if I forget my password/log in details?

Please reach out to Customer Service at StarCard@chevron.com  for assistance.

How current and updated is the information I see in the StarCard Online mobile app?

The information you see in the mobile app is real-time. 

What is the difference between StarCard mobile app and the Online System?

The mobile app allows fleet manager users to view basic information about their account, view their transactions and stop or block cards if necessary.
The Online System (OLS) has more functionalities such as providing access to the product features required by Merchants and Customers (ie: Card Ordering, viewing statements and assigning reports).

Does it cost anything to use the StarCard Online Mobile app?

No, there isn't any charges in using StarCard Online mobile app. 

Are my information on StarCard mobile app secure?

Caltex and our suppliers, vendors use a variety of security technologies and procedures for storing and securing personal information and complies with applicable data privacy regulations.
We ensure and maintain appropriate physical, technical and infrastructural security measures to secure your personal data.

Who do I contact if I have other questions and feedback related to my StarCard Online mobile app?

Please reach out to Customer Service at StarCard@chevron.com for assistance.

How do I terminate my account on StarCard online mobile app?

Please reach out to Customer Service at StarCard@chevron.com for assistance.

How do I select the nearest Caltex station location?

You have to enable your GPS or “Location Services ” in your phone’s settings to help identity your current and nearest Caltex station location.

What are the features of StarCard Online mobile app?

As of now, StarCard Online mobile app allows you to view your overall card details & transactions, locate the nearest Caltex stations, change status of the cards. We are always in the progress of improving StarCard online mobile app to serve you better.

How do I enable notifications on StarCard Online mobile app?

You can enable to receive push notifications from us by enabling in your phone settings.

How much data does StarCard Online mobile app uses?

Like most apps, StarCard Online mobile app uses your smartphone’s location services and internet data. Costs vary depending on your network provider and mobile phone plan. Contact your mobile service provider for more information.