Caltex in Singapore - About Us


A Commitment to Collaboration

Since our arrival in Singapore during the 50s, we’ve worked hand in hand with the Texas Company (China) Ltd. and the government to grow and give our employees opportunities to gain insights from global business practices.

After establishing a strong presence and achieving many breakthroughs with products and services, we remain committed to Singapore and enriching the lives of our customers. We continue to celebrate this partnership and hope to keep it strong, mile after mile.

5 things to know about Chevron Singapore Ltd.

  1. In 1999, we moved our operating headquarters from the US to Singapore.
  2. By the 90s, we had a strong regional presence with upgraded refineries and revamped service stations.

  3. Singapore is the regional hub for the Caltex brand where all marketing strategies are developed for the rest of Asia.

  4. Chevron Singapore received the Community Spirit Award from the People’s Association in recognition of our contributions towards the community from 2011 to 2015.

  5. EDB also recognised Chevron’s contribution to Singapore in the economic, social and community arenas by conferring them with the Distinguished Partner in Progress Award in 2005.


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