These upgrades include the $1.7 billion, 130,000-barrel-a-day Star Refinery in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, which is a leader in design, safety features and pollution controls.

“All of the oil majors are looking to the Far East for growth,” writes Forbes’ Toni Mack and Andrew Tanzer. “With Caltex, Chevron and Texaco are already there and sitting pretty,” selling more gasoline, diesel and other refined products in Asia than any other Western company.

As part of our efforts to streamline operations, we sell our 50 per cent interest in Nippon Petroleum Refining Co., Ltd. We continue our relationship with Nippon Oil, emphasising trading, logistics, and the marketing of bunker and aviation fuels and lubricants.

We launch our corporate and retail identity programme, the Delta Star, featuring a distinctive five-point star with a dynamic delta at its centre and a new red, white and blue colour combination. The blazing red Delta is designed into the new Caltex Star to make it unique and convey a sense of movement, continual change and dynamism to the company’s customers and key partners. The new logo is designed for maximum visual impact, especially at retail sites.

The Yocheon Refinery is expanded, with innovative operating methods that enable it to convert lower-value refined products into higher-value petrochemicals, such as polypropylene, benzene and paraxylene.

This increases its capacity by 60,000 barrels per day and includes the installation of a Residuum Fluid Cracking unit that allows for increased production of diesel and lighter products.

To upgrade our network in key marketing areas, we build and renovate retail outlets across Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa and Thailand.

We drop ‘Petroleum’ from our name, changing it to Caltex Corp., to accommodate the non-petroleum products that are becoming a growing source of revenue.

This reflects our keen understanding of customer needs and changing habits in a fluid and increasingly competitive marketplace. We also underscore a business and social partnership in a growing region of the world.

This campaign plays up both the growing number of Caltex retail stations as well as Star Marts. Underlying these changes are the company’s brand values, which focus on helping people achieve their goals through simple but important solutions for their immediate needs.

Three key petroleum products, Havoline Energy, Vortex fuels and Delo engine oils are launched to an Asian marketplace that is still recovering from a painful economic crisis. This does well to further solidify Caltex’s brand identity by giving customers the new, innovative products they need.