Havoline® / Delo® Oil Change Facilities

Havoline® or Delo® Oil Change Facilities for your vehicle

On today's roads, the demand to produce lower emissions and keep up with urban driving conditions grows alongside the need to deliver improved fuel economy.

At Caltex, we know that vehicles require regular servicing and maintenance to meet these goals. High quality products such as our Havoline® and Delo® engine oils help vehicles to deliver their best performance, while keeping engines protected.

That's why we have a network of Havoline® and Delo® branded oil change facilities located in over 36 cities across Pakistan.

One stop shop

Our oil change workshops offer customers a convenient and reliable place to get the entire range of Caltex lubricants, specialty products and car care services - all under one roof.

See the offerings from one of our latest workshop owner, showing the range of services & products you can expect from our oil shops.

One Stop Shop


Our offerings


Premium services on site

Depending on your nearest oil change facility, you may also find other premium services like car wash, tyre shops and wheel alignment services.


Getting pampered while waiting

Our oil change facilities feature a range of services such as oil and air filter change, plus air-conditioned lounges and waiting areas for our customers.


Purchase on the go

You can also find our full range of lubricants at our product display area.


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