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Havoline motor oil and scooter oils with C.O.R.E + Technology give you consistent and reliable protection and performance in every bottle. 

Optimise engine performance with our advanced motorcycle engine oils

Engine oils form a thin layer between the components in your engine to lubricate them. Caltex Havoline engine oils ensure smooth engine operation to maximise your engine’s performance in all conditions.

Explore our range of synthetic and mineral engine oils.

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Our Motorcycle Engine Oils

Havoline® Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 10W-40Fully Synthetic

A premium fully synthetic oil with Havoline C.O.R.E.+ Technology, specially formulated to suit the demanding needs of high performance motorcycles in all city riding conditions.

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Havoline® Super 4T SAE 20W-50Mineral Oil

With Havoline C.O.R.E+ Technology lubricates, it protects, and cleans as you ride.

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Havoline® 4T SAE 20W-40Mineral Oil

A high quality, shear stable, multi-grade, multifunctional fluid specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycle engines, clutches and gearboxes, and portable power equipment engines requiring JASO MA2, API SG lubricants.

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