Our journey around the world continues with our first trading office in Singapore, as well as 17 refineries globally and a total capacity of about 1.4 million barrels of oil a day.

With this acquisition, we become Australia’s second largest marketer of petroleum products.

In moving our headquarters from New York (which is on the Eastern Time zone) to Dallas (on the Central Time zone), our logistics and trading staff in Dallas and Singapore is able to meet the needs of affiliated companies and customers on a 24-hour-a-day basis worldwide– using high-speed communications equipment to buy, sell and exchange crude and product cargoes.

Texaco had been selling kerosene in both Hong Kong and mainland China since 1913.

The campaign includes new signage, modernised designs and bolder colour schemes for our stations and trucks. Our station canopies display a white star on a red background with white stripes – also known as ‘energy lines’ – that run diagonally across one corner. Our name, ‘Caltex’, is imprinted in black on a red background in a customised typeface.

A historian states that across all 56 countries where we operate, our “reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and as a fair employer has never been tarnished in any corner of the globe where the Caltex banner flies. This is the company’s highest idea, its proudest legacy and its most cherished birthday gift.”