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Now is this talent or what? :D #JourneytoStardom Video credit: AXN Asia
Posted about 1 hours ago.
On behalf of the 1,000 Chevron employees based here in Singapore, we join the community in mourning the loss of an extraordinary citizen.
Posted on 29 Mar 2015.
It can be a hassle to keep track of your car's maintenance. Instead of stockpiling receipts, try car maintenance...
Posted on 27 Mar 2015.
Calling all UOB Cardmembers! Save up to 21.7% on petrol when you use your UOB Card! Plus, every 20th UOB...
Posted on 25 Mar 2015.
“Faint-hearted people would have given up long ago. We never gave in, never mind giving up” – Mr Lee Kuan Yew....
Posted on 24 Mar 2015.
Caltex extends our deepest condolences to PM Lee Hsien Loong and his family, and Singaporeans on the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
Posted on 23 Mar 2015.
Fe & Rodfil talks about chasing their dreams all the way from the Philippines to #AsiasGotTalent. LIKE it if you...
Posted on 22 Mar 2015.
Wash and wax your car regularly to keep it in tip-top shape. By keeping it properly waxed, you can help prevent...
Posted on 20 Mar 2015.
Save up to 21.7% on petrol when you charge it to your UOB credit cards! Plus, every 20th UOB card transaction...
Posted on 20 Mar 2015.
Before rushing off to replace your windscreen wipers, try cleaning the dirt and any hardened rubber off with a...
Posted on 17 Mar 2015.
Need a mood boost this week? 5 lucky Thanks! Members will walk away with 2 tickets to the #AsiasGotTalent...
Posted on 16 Mar 2015.
Because Monday mornings need more of these ;) Tell us: Your favourite kaya toast & kopi joint? #EnjoytheJourney
Posted on 16 Mar 2015.
A moment from Thursday's premiere of Asia's biggest talent competition: #AsiasGotTalent! Who's your favourite so...
Posted on 15 Mar 2015.
What to do with kids during the school holidays: Sign them up for an activity to nurture their talents like...
Posted on 14 Mar 2015.
Truer words have not been said. ##JourneyToStardom at #AsiasGotTalent #EnjoyTheJourney folks and have a great...
Posted on 13 Mar 2015.
#AsiasGotTalent Judges Auditions starts TONIGHT! Catch the biggest talent contest to hit Asia at 8pm on AXN...
Posted on 12 Mar 2015.
We're totally loving these restored shophouses in Little India. #EnjoytheJourney, tell us what has been your...
Posted on 10 Mar 2015.
Get Sashimi Grade Salmon from Swiss Butchery at 10% discount for Caltex customers! Please call +65 6235 8080 to...
Posted on 04 Mar 2015.
Adding sound deadening materials to your car can help absorb noises from the road and vibrations from your...
Posted on 03 Mar 2015.
Caltex with Techron® cleans your engine to help ensure reliable performance. It also comes with a powerful...
Posted on 28 Feb 2015.

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