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Enjoy 17% off Caltex Diesel with Techron® D at Caltex Changi, Jalan Buroh, Macpherson 465 and Whitley. Don’t...
Posted about 13 hours ago.
Accelerating like a jackrabbit may get you going faster, but it results in lower fuel economy by as much as 33%!...
Posted on 05 Oct 2015.
TGIF! What are your plans? Wherever you’re headed, remember to drive safely.
Posted on 02 Oct 2015.
We have a solution to beat the heat this October. Visit Caltex and enjoy these cool deals today:...
Posted on 01 Oct 2015.
We hope your journey through the month of September was an enjoyable one, filled with many happy moments of your...
Posted on 30 Sep 2015.
Did you know lower quality fuels leave behind deposits in your car’s engine? Try Techron Concentrate Plus to...
Posted on 29 Sep 2015.
All Caltex stations will remain open so motorists can continue to enjoy their journey. We’re also keeping our...
Posted on 28 Sep 2015.
Did you know the Caltex Star stands for quality, value and service? Most importantly, it stands for our...
Posted on 28 Sep 2015.
This weekend, use your HSBC credit card when you visit Caltex to enjoy 18% instant petrol discount! Cheers to the...
Posted on 25 Sep 2015.
Selamat Hari Raya Haji! Wishing everyone a happy holiday! :)
Posted on 24 Sep 2015.
It’s time to Balik Kampong. Be sure to stay safe on the roads! Are you looking forward to a relaxing break?
Posted on 23 Sep 2015.
Cars aren’t what they used to be. Today's engine requires more than just a traditional tune-up. Bring your...
Posted on 22 Sep 2015.
It’s a brand new week. Enjoy the journey.
Posted on 21 Sep 2015.
Where AM I? I am located in a popular residential area of Singapore. There is an Educational Institution...
Posted on 18 Sep 2015.
Terms & Conditions: Where Am I Contest- 18th September 2015
Posted on 18 Sep 2015.
Reduce the chances of overheating by doing regular maintenance on your car and don't forget to fill up with...
Posted on 17 Sep 2015.
It’s time to SHOP-EARN-REDEEM with CAPITASTAR. Enjoy a 5 STAR$ for every $1 fuel transaction from now till 31st...
Posted on 16 Sep 2015.
A dirty engine burns fuel less efficiently, creating more tailpipe emissions than it should. These emissions...
Posted on 15 Sep 2015.
You'll do anything to make sure your child is safe. Do you have a child car seat in your vehicle? Make sure you...
Posted on 14 Sep 2015.
Did you know your fuel savings actually depend on your vehicle and duration of each journey? Our Fuel Optimizer...
Posted on 10 Sep 2015.

Retail Pump Price*

Regular 92 with Techron®
Premium 95 with Techron®
Platinum 98 with Techron®
Caltex Diesel with Techron® D
*Prices AFTER site discount.
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2015 at 01:00 PM

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