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Smile! Brighten up someone's day! Drive happy, folks.
Posted about 9 hours ago.
Know your gears, save your fuel.
Posted on 18 Sep 2014.
Congratulations to our Caltex 5-star Getaway Winners! Enjoy your journey, folks!
Posted on 17 Sep 2014.
Chicken Pie and Coffee for only $2.50 at selected Caltex service stations. Stay happy, full, and safe on the...
Posted on 16 Sep 2014.
Where do you go when you're in the mood for a relaxing drive?
Posted on 15 Sep 2014.
Fill up and redeem exclusive collectibles with UOB Fuel Power at Caltex and UOB Cards today! From 1 Sep to 31...
Posted on 12 Sep 2014.
Tsk… no selfies while driving, please!
Posted on 11 Sep 2014.
Did you know a lot of stop-and-go driving causes your air filter to become dirty and clogged quicker? Remember...
Posted on 10 Sep 2014.
Chicken Pie and Coffee for only $2.50 at selected Caltex service stations.. Stay happy, full, and safe on the...
Posted on 09 Sep 2014.
It's the school holidays now! Any plans for kids & family?
Posted on 08 Sep 2014.
Clean, restore and maximise your vehicle's engine with Techron® Concentrate Plus. Now UOB Card members get 20%...
Posted on 05 Sep 2014.
Loss of fuel efficiency happens because the more under-inflated the tires, the greater the friction, the harder...
Posted on 04 Sep 2014.
A well-lubricated engine means that it's firing on all cylinders to get you great performance!
Posted on 02 Sep 2014.
Enough said. :)
Posted on 01 Sep 2014.
'Enough said. :)
Posted on 01 Sep 2014.
This is it! Today is the last day to win a dream 5-star vacation fuelled by Insight Vacations. Enter the Caltex...
Posted on 31 Aug 2014.
Enjoy Happy Weekends at Caltex with 16% instant petrol discount! Simply charge to your HSBC credit card at Caltex...
Posted on 29 Aug 2014.
Ever been in this kind of situation while you're on a long journey? Avoid this by going to the toilet before...
Posted on 28 Aug 2014.
Which getaway destination do you prefer? a) Jungle campfire/ Jungle Trekking. b) A Perfect White Sand Beach.
Posted on 22 Aug 2014.
Your ticket to a 5-star vacation awaits you at Caltex. Enter the Caltex 5-star Getaway promotion now to stand a...
Posted on 20 Aug 2014.

Retail Pump Price*

Regular 92 with Techron®
Premium 95 with Techron®
Platinum 98 with Techron®
Caltex Diesel with Techron® D
*Prices AFTER site discount.
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2011 at 05:00 PM

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