3 Tips New Drivers Must Know

Happy to have passed your driving test but worried that the mean roads will eat you up?

After getting your driver’s licence, your first 1,000 kilometres on the road are likely to be spent trying to get used to road conditions and situations you probably haven’t come across in your practical lessons.To help you drive without fear after passing your driving test, we’ve identified the major issues new drivers face and have proposed some easy solutions that don’t take a lot of effort. Learn these hacks and you’ll soon become a seasoned motorist.
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Tip 1: Take the Middle Road

As local traffic regulations usually forbid vehicles with learner plates on expressways, new drivers might be apprehensive about mounting that on-ramp for the first time.

For novices, the trick to expressway driving is to avoid taking the fastest lane. If you’re travelling on a three-lane highway for instance, keeping to the middle lane will help you get used to higher road speeds while minimising the number the lanes you have to cut across when exiting.

Tip 2: Handle Jams like a Pro

It is unlikely that you will have found yourself stuck in a traffic jam during your driving lessons, so your first one will probably annoy you more than it should.

Here’s a tip: stick to your lane. Changing your lane when you’re stuck in traffic can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially since drivers tend to be less forgiving when traffic is bad and motorcyclists often travel between lanes to get ahead. More importantly, it’s impossible to know which lane will move the fastest, so staying put — and patient — remains your best option.

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Tip 3: Don’t Forget to Pump Air

Our biggest complaint about driving lessons: they don’t teach you how to inflate your tyres. Underinflated tyres lead to reduced fuel efficiency and faster tyre wear, while overinflated tyres may reduce grip.

Keep your car safe and in optimum condition by checking tyre pressure at any petrol station once a month. At Caltex, you’ll find friendly staff more than happy to guide you through the process and perform checks to help ensure your car is always road-ready.