3 Great Drives for Your Family in Singapore

Turn into a hometown tourist with these incredible weekend drives

Feel like you have seen everything in your hometown? Then get behind the wheel and explore local hidden gems with your loved ones. From little-known lanes to heritage routes, here are three kinds of family car trips everyone will love. 
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The Forest Fairytale

Driving on a road lined with lush vegetation is a magical feeling. Shafts of sunlight peeking through towering canopies, bird songs and the scent of wood, bark and leaf form a feast for the senses; nature always looks and feels amazing from a car.

Where to Do It: Drive through the leafy northern sections of Lim Chu Kang Road in north-western Singapore and stop at some of the farms in the area for a hands-on farming experience. 

The Cultural Odyssey

Forget the classroom; your car is the best place for a history lesson. As part of a weekend excursion, trace the path of settlers, merchants and noblemen as you unravel the rich history of your home city on four wheels.

Where to Do It: Head to Katong and discover streets lined with beautifully preserved homes of Singapore’s small but significant Straits Chinese community. The most elaborate ones are adorned with fancy tiled motifs and can be found along Koon Seng Road.

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The Concrete Jungle Trail

Every city has its own collection of quirky buildings where architecture and engineering meet in mind-boggling ways. With a car, you can tour them all in a day and treat the entire city as a gigantic museum of visual arts.

Where to Do It: Weave through one-north, a huge
business and innovation district with futuristic buildings at every turn, and try to spot this massive spaceship.