Maximize Savings with Caltex SavePlus card!

Get savings on every liter of fuel purchased with the Caltex SavePlus Card*

With our valued partners, Caltex distributed the SavePlus card to their loyal customers, employees, or members – allowing them to enjoy exclusive benefits at Caltex! Cardholders can enjoy instant discounts at Card Accepting Caltex sites.

*Subject to daily and monthly limits per card.


Get Discounts and Earn Points

Caltex SavePlus card holders can now enjoy the convenience of earning Caltex Rewards points and unlocking discounts with each fuel up. 

*For Caltex SavePlus concerns, get in touch with your Caltex SavePlus card issuer.


Seamless Registration

Register as a Caltex Rewards member and link your Caltex SavePlus card number. Just follow these steps to link your accounts


Fuel Discounts and Points

Enjoy savings on every liter of fuel purchased with the Caltex SavePlus Card and earn Caltex Rewards Points net of discount in one transaction. Just give the pump attendant your registered mobile number and you're good to go! Terms and Conditions Apply.

Exciting Rewards

Collect points and redeem exciting partner vouchers or use as fuel payment.


What is Caltex Rewards?

Caltex Rewards is a new loyalty program that provides benefits to customers with the aim of facilitating better connections by enabling the Members to earn and redeem Caltex Rewards Points through fuel discounts, as well as vouchers from the rewards catalogue, subject to terms and conditions as may be determined by Chevron from time to time and notified to its customers via Chevron’s rewards catalogue or other means.

Loyalty members can earn more points when they sign up, can choose to receive news updates, and  continue to earn points on special offers. Read FAQs on Caltex Rewards.

How can I register my Caltex SavePlus number?

Go to and enter your profile details and Caltex SavePlus card number. For guidance, follow these steps.

I have previously registered my Caltex SavePlus card number outside the Caltex Rewards program. How should I link my card number?

Go to and enter your Caltex SavePlus card number to udpate your profile. For guidance, follow these steps

The website is not accepting my Caltex SavePlus card number.

1.  You may have previously registered your Caltex SavePlus card number outside the Caltex Rewards program or you already have an existing Caltex Rewards account.

2.  You may be entering a Caltex SavePlus number with less than 16 digits.

3.  Your Caltex SavePlus card number is already expired.

4.  Your Caltex SavePlus card number is invalid.

5.  Your Caltex SavePlus card number is already assigned.

To resolve, navigate through these steps or contact the CCC hotline at 02 8867 7710​ for further assistance

Do I still need the CaltexGo app?

Yes. The CaltexGo app is used for monitoring real-time crediting of points and for redeeming partner vouchers from the Caltex Rewards catalogue. 

However, getting fuel discounts and earning points can be done without the CaltexGo app. Once you've successfully registered and linked your Caltex SavePlus card with your Caltex Rewards account, just provide your mobile number to the pump attendant to get fuel discounts and to earn points real-time. 

For Caltex Rewards members with linked Caltex SavePlus card numbers, make sure to proivde your registered mobile number to the attendant instead of the Rewards QR code to ensure getting both the fuel discount and Caltex Rewards points.

I have successfully linked my Caltex SavePlus card number to my Caltex Rewards account. Can I start using both in one transaction?

Yes. Starting December 2023, customers can enjoy Caltex SavePlus discounts and earn Caltex Rewards points in one transaction. Points will be computed net of discount. Just make sure to provide your registered mobile number to the pump attendant.

Sample Computation


   Computation   Computed Amoount 
 Pump Price
Assuming PHP60/L
16L transaction 
 Assuming PHP60/L
15 Liter transaction 
 SavePlus Discount   Ex. PHP1 discount per liter                                     15.00
 Discounted Amount   900 minus 15                                  885.00
 Caltex Rewards Points Conversion (PHP2.50 = 1 point)   885 divided by 2.50                                        354


Do I need to bring my physical SavePlus card when fueling up?

Once you've successfully linked your Caltex SavePlus card to your Caltex Rewards account, you do not need to show the attendant your physical Caltex SavePlus card anymore. Just provide your registered mobile number and you will automatically get discounts and earn points.

Can I still use my physical Caltex SavePlus card and get discounts?

Yes. However, we highly encourage you to link your Caltex SavePlus card number to your Caltex Rewards accounts for you to get both the discount and Caltex Rewards points! Points can be collected to redeem partner vouchers or to pay foy for fuel.

Using the physical SavePlus card will only qualify you for fuel discounts.

Can I register/link my StarDriver card to my Caltex Rewards account?

Yes. Caltex StarDriver can be registered and linked via the Caltex Rewards program.

Where can I get a Caltex SavePlus card?

Caltex SavePlus cards are distributed through valued partners and are not sold/distributed by Caltex directly to customers. 


Contact Us

For more information, call our Caltex customer service hotline at (+632) 8867-7740 or email

List of Card Accepting Stations

Click below for the list of Caltex SavePlus Card accepting stations