Business Development

Experience the best a partnership can offer with easy access to expert guidance, reliable support and global resources assisting business planning, performance tracking, site set-up, and more, to improve your business’s effectiveness. 

Moreover, with our dedicated Business Consultants focusing on equipping your business with the best, you can now focus on growing your business success far ahead of the rest.

Construction and Building

Receive valuable construction and building assistance when building your new Caltex petrol station, and enjoy the freedom of choosing your preferred retail partners to meet your site trading needs, complement the overall retail experience, or add a revenue stream.

Committed to operational excellence, our skilful team will assist you with issues pertaining to permits, legal matters, design standards, material sourcing, supplier selection, and more, regardless of the size of your land.

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Technology and Training

Ensuring that your business remains competitive even with the ever-evolving business landscape, a comprehensive array of training courses have been made available to all Caltex retailers. 

Covering topics such as fuel management, operational procedures, customer service expectations, site marketing, business planning, and more, these ongoing training courses equip you with the skills necessary to run a Caltex service station strategically and successfully. 

Moreover, order fuel, track order progress, access invoices, and more effortlessly on Chevron Business Point — your primary day-to-day transaction interface with Caltex.

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Superior Products

Get ahead of the competition with high-quality Techron® fuels and lubricant products that are trusted and loved by drivers. Formulated from decades of research and development, these products ensure that your customers enjoy enhanced results that are far from standard each time they start their engine. 

Moreover, with constant testing and innovating still happening in present time, your petrol station will always remain stocked with superior products that are ground-breaking in the automotive field. 

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Innovative Payment Solutions

The advancement of technology has resulted in the availability of different payment modes, each catered to a different consumer demographic and their respective needs. 

Maximise profits and minimise downtime at your station with our variety of fast and accurate payment solutions that simplify the payment process for drivers.

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Loyalty Programmes

Enjoy steady footfall to your station by offering drivers the best rewards when fuelling up at your station with one of Malaysia’s premier loyalty card programmes — B Infinite. 

By allowing drivers to turn their everyday spending into fuel savings, their stop at your station becomes more rewarding, increasing customer satisfaction and driving repeat visits. Furthermore, with strategic nationwide promotions available, leverage on the Caltex brand and expand your consumer base effortlessly.

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