Lubricants for Oil & Gas Compression and Processing

LUBRICANTS FOROff-Shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling

Across a wide range of gas types and compressor designs, we help you conquer severe conditions and boost reliability. Our industrial lubricants provide long-lasting protection, to help you minimize operating costs and achieve the uptime you need.

Keep your production stream flowing

When you’re running several compressors in multiple locations across vast and remote tracts of land, efficient logistics become a crucial contributor to your bottom line. Caltex can help, not only with lubricants that can extend drain intervals and minimise unscheduled maintenance, but also with reliable service and delivery, so you can be sure your day tank is filled and your operation is supplied.

Caltex industrial lubricants allow you to handle all these variables more efficiently, to help make your equipment and your overall operation more reliable. We formulate products for long life with various gas compositions, allowing you to minimise wear, deposits and downtime, no matter what sizes and types of engine compressors you’re running.

You can also benefit from our experienced marketers who are used to serving compression operations in remote locations and have specialized knowledge, training, equipment and delivery systems to serve your needs. With Caltex, you’re able to concentrate on your end product, knowing that you have a strong ally helping you keep your equipment lubricated, protected and producing.

Product Categories

Turbine Oils

Protect and prolong the service life of expensive turbine equipment by using our quality turbine oils to guard against corrosion and harmful deposit formation.

GST Advantage RO with VARTECH Technology

GST Advantage RO turbine oil is formulated with VARTECH Technology that minimizes deposit formation ensuring reliable trouble-free operations for steam and gas turbines.

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GST Advantage EP with VARTECH Technology

GST Advantage EP turbine oil is formulated with VARTECH Technology that inhibits varnish formation to help maintain peak performance, reliability and productivity. These oils are especially suited for geared and non-geared steam and gas tur...

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VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner

VARTECH ISC is a deposit-cleaning product added directly to the oil in use during operation to clean a system of varnish and sludge before scheduled oil change.

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GST® Premium 32

Has an exceptional thermal and oxidative stability and approved for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (erstwhile Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) MS04-MACL002.

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GST® Oil

A premium performance inhibited turbine oil formulated from premium base oil technology and rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors.

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Turbine Oils Family of products

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GST Premium 32 Turbine Oil

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