Havoline Deposit Shield Technology

Havoline Deposit Shield Technology

Discover Havoline’s advanced Deposit Shield™ Technology, dexos1™ Gen 2 and fully synthetic formulation that provides ongoing protection for your engine.

Protection you can count on

For more than a century, people have relied on Caltex Havoline advanced engine oil technology to continuously protect their engines against premature wear out. Protect your vehicle. Protect your investment. And keep going with Caltex Havoline engine oils.

Dynamic Protection with Deposit Shield™ Technology

Havoline engine oils with Deposit Shield™ Technology respond to the extreme demands of your engine by delivering dynamic protection and performance where it is needed most. Havoline’s strength and durability give your engine optimum power and performance, protecting it against wear, and harmful deposits. Havoline, put the fight back in your engine.

Why fully synthetic motor oils?

Today’s more advanced engines are smaller and lighter, so they are required to run more cleanly, generate more power, deliver better fuel economy and be able to go longer between oil changes. Our advanced, fully synthetic motor oils like Havoline ProDS ECO5 and Havoline ProDS LE helps achieve this.
Synthetic oils protect better and protect longer. They flow better in cold temperatures. They protect better in hot temperatures and under heavy loads. Full synthetic motor oils work harder to help you KEEP GOING.


World-class standard with Dexos1

Dexos1 Gen 2 is a specification granted by GM to motor oils that not only meet a wide array of demanding industry and internal testing requirements, but also prove they can operate in the most extreme conditions. This is because many of the newer GM vehicles require more protection especially in small displacement turbo-charged engines, have lower emissions and provide better fuel economy.

Havoline ProDS® has been especially formulated to meet the new Dexos1 standards and prolong the life of modern cars with advanced engine technologies like turbochargers and gasoline direct injection.


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