Industrial Lubricants for Businesses


Our premium lubricants are formulated to meet or exceed OEM standards, providing the protection you need to get optimum performance and maximum life out of your equipment.


Caltex lubricants provide open pit mining operations with reliable performance and protection to minimise operating costs and maximise profitability.

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Agriculture & Farming

Gain more equipment reliability and durability across each production cycle with Caltex agricultural lubricants, formulated to protect against severe climates and field conditions.

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Cement & Quarry

Using Caltex Lubricants can help increase productivity and minimize reduce costly downtime, so you can continue to deliver projects on time.

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Quality Caltex lubricants for your construction equipment to keep your projects running smoothly within budget and on schedule.

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Commercial Fleet

When it comes to managing vehicle fleets, our advanced lubricants provide everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Inland Marine

Our premium lubricants deliver reliable protection and streamline your inland marine vessels to lower operating costs and reduce downtime.

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Caltex manufacturing lubricants and programs help increase productivity, so you can operate reliably, reduce costs and increase your uptime.

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Caltex premium lubricants deliver outstanding protection and performance in your petrochemical operations.

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Power Generation

Our industrial lubricants can help you optimise plant efficiency and uptime across hydroelectric, gas, steam and combined-cycle turbine plant.

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Pulp, Paper, and Forestry

Delivering maximum wear protection in all pulp, paper and forestry applications, meeting and exceeding extremely high specifications demanded by international equipment OEMs.

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Off-Shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling

Our industrial lubricants provide long-lasting protection, to help you minimise operating costs and achieve the uptime you need.

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