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Don’t drive without your tools! You’ll never know when you’ll need them.
Posted on 02 Feb 2016.
Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Make new memories this 2016! #EnjoytheJourney
Posted on 01 Feb 2016.
Get maximum drivability by fueling your journeys with Euro4 Caltex with Techron!
Posted on 29 Jan 2016.
What’s the farthest you’ve driven just to fulfill your hankering for ice cream?
Posted on 28 Jan 2016.
A journey is best enjoyed when you get to see/take photos of views like this. Share yours with us! #EnjoyTheJourney
Posted on 27 Jan 2016.
Those pretty heels aren't made for driving! Always remember to keep a pair of flats in your car.
Posted on 26 Jan 2016.
@Dave_Fitz Thank you for airing your concern, please pm us on FB with your contact details, a CSR will get in touch to further assist you.
Posted on 26 Jan 2016.
We know we just got back from the weekend, but who's already planning their next journey? :)
Posted on 25 Jan 2016.
Which do you prefer: stick shift or automatic transmission? (Photo:
Posted on 22 Jan 2016.
Did you know that Caltex started with a merger between Socal &Texaco? Thanks for enjoying the journey w/ us! #TBT
Posted on 21 Jan 2016.
@paolalalove Hi Paola! Thank you so much for patronising our products! :-)
Posted on 14 Jan 2016.
Hey everyone! This is a friendly reminder not to light up when you’re fueling up. Safety first!
Posted on 12 Jan 2016.
Start the first day of work of the new year right! Don’t forget to smile! Have a great Monday!
Posted on 11 Jan 2016.
@juddlax Thank you so much for patronising our products! 👍
Posted on 08 Jan 2016.
@ikingskie @tinaryan899 You're welcome! Continue following our pages for more updates! 😊
Posted on 08 Jan 2016.
Use Techron Concentrate Plus every 5,000 km to help remove harmful deposits in your engine.
Posted on 08 Jan 2016.
Was your new year’s resolution to travel more? Here is a weekend trip that won’t hurt your budget: #Enjoy the journey to Cagbalete Island!
Posted on 07 Jan 2016.
Having trouble remembering which direction to apply the pressure in when loosening your lug nuts? Remember: righty-tighty; lefty-loosey.
Posted on 06 Jan 2016.
What’s your favorite way to entertain yourself while stuck in traffic?
Posted on 05 Jan 2016.
Tweet us a photo of your new year’s resolution sticky notes.
Posted on 04 Jan 2016.

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