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@Saldokovic Hi, you may read the mechanics here: http://t.co/mmvrimBSgh
Posted about 1 hours ago.
Thanks for the shoutout, @DrewArellano! Could he be talking about your barkada? Visit http://t.co/FuCA9SGmPE to join!
Posted on 03 Oct 2015.
RT @DrewArellano: Sama ka sa biyahe ko? Join #CaltexSliceDay for a chance to win a trip for your barkada with the #biyahenidrew Crew! http:…
Posted on 03 Oct 2015.
@annkreyzie Nice! You're welcome Kris.
Posted on 02 Oct 2015.
There is a big difference between a quick “beep” and laying on your horn with a long, resounding “BEEEEEEEEEEP”. http://t.co/4cc1VWq8pX
Posted on 02 Oct 2015.
What’s the farthest you’ve driven for a tapsilog, tocilong, or bangsilog? #EnjoytheJourney http://t.co/ctlNYYsOMR
Posted on 30 Sep 2015.
Which car app helps you #EnjoyTheJourney? http://t.co/RjXaA9qyLm
Posted on 29 Sep 2015.
RT @2ndopinionmag: You can get free pizza from @greenwichpizza when you top up at @CaltexPH. http://t.co/DzXCcyoSL4
Posted on 28 Sep 2015.
#EnjoyTheJourney to Tagaytay. Instead of enjoying just Bulalo, why don’t you trek to the Taal  crater, too? http://t.co/LvpaLSbmiR
Posted on 25 Sep 2015.
@RealJayAquino Hi! For the promo mechanics, visit http://t.co/mmvrimTt7P
Posted on 23 Sep 2015.
RT @chemist_dad: Have A Slice Day With @CaltexPH and @greenwichpizza http://t.co/qMhqMYV02b via @chemist_dad
Posted on 18 Sep 2015.
@TomenesJ Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You can use your Starcard at any Caltex station :)
Posted on 16 Sep 2015.
@TomenesJ Hi, Joey! May we know which Caltex branch you're referring to? :)
Posted on 16 Sep 2015.
@TomenesJ You can use it at any Caltex station :)
Posted on 16 Sep 2015.
What’s better than pizza on a roadtrip? Free pizza on a roadtrip that is! Gas up at Caltex and the pizza’s on us! http://t.co/HzpWpLpAoP
Posted on 15 Sep 2015.
RT @MMDA: ADVISORY: Reimplementing the Uniform Truck Ban Regulation in Metro Manila, effective September 15, 2015. #mmda http://t.co/zgOTKC…
Posted on 14 Sep 2015.
Where do you put your car keys when you get home? Tweet us your answers! http://t.co/2oHSbnSZmC
Posted on 11 Sep 2015.
RT @LTFRB_Chairman: LTFRB would like to remind @GrabTaxiPH and @Uber_Manila to ensure that their partner drivers exert all efforts to assis…
Posted on 10 Sep 2015.
Techron® is guaranteed to be effective at helping both modern and older engines achieve optimum drivability. http://t.co/sJWfoljtk5
Posted on 10 Sep 2015.
#EnjoyTheJourney at Nueva Vizcaya with a pit-stop at Milka Krem, and see the science behind the items from the menu. http://t.co/mbYhrSmtgy
Posted on 09 Sep 2015.

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