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Support your #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH projects by liking at https://t.co/Qi6BzCsxTP or fueling up at Caltex stations! http://t.co/OUpqGAebrv
Posted about -9 seconds ago.
Pasay City West HS promotes science with their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH project! Help them at https://t.co/ZqHM7ELPiI http://t.co/UfwR6zgIBL
Posted about -16 seconds ago.
Navotas Nat'l HS has this artsy #CaltexFuelYourSchool project! You can help them get it: https://t.co/qt6JYPLZoA http://t.co/1fNDfpk6Mc
Posted about 2 hours ago.
Access the Google Maps mobile app offline: just zoom the area, Type “OK Maps” in the search bar and tap “search”! http://t.co/BnLVNjDiOm
Posted about 3 hours ago.
San Francisco HS dreams of an up-to-date #CaltexFuelYourSchool PH lab. Help them get this at https://t.co/mtqGeEEY4m http://t.co/ikzA0r0BUl
Posted about 21 hours ago.
Navotas Nat'l HS aims for excellence with their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH project! Help them at https://t.co/qt6JYPLZoA http://t.co/GgrrUIxZQ2
Posted on 05 Jul 2015.
Pitogo HS wants to be better at science! Check their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH project at https://t.co/Zgplc9MKDj http://t.co/DUyCuYmKin
Posted on 04 Jul 2015.
Help Cayetano Arellano HS do better at science! Like their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH project: https://t.co/B1x6VEMgeC http://t.co/BSn9E4LGCZ
Posted on 04 Jul 2015.
Looking for a short 3 or 4-hour road trip this week? Head on over to Tarlac!
Posted on 03 Jul 2015.
@drevvv You may visit http://t.co/n6N2fZt8Mm. Thanks for your interest. :)
Posted on 02 Jul 2015.
Help Ernesto Rondon HS students see their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH dream by liking it at https://t.co/mGRKVyqIJ2 http://t.co/X6x8dXRYYg
Posted on 02 Jul 2015.
With Techron, your journeys produce less pollution; it helps emit less harmful substances into the environment. http://t.co/Ivoz7VHCkH
Posted on 02 Jul 2015.
Pasay City East HS promotes hands-on learning! Like their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH project: https://t.co/iOHe0jQaa7 http://t.co/oc6Ee0BxOJ
Posted on 01 Jul 2015.
If you had wheels instead of feet, what type of car will you be? A big and hulking SUV, or a sleek sedan? http://t.co/x2larQnAWf
Posted on 01 Jul 2015.
For C.P. Garcia HS, digital learning is in! Help them get their #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH visit https://t.co/QGUER11dUI http://t.co/lnG5UYGElk
Posted on 30 Jun 2015.
Driving in the rain is easier when water just rolls off the windshield. Time to invest in a water-repellent windshield treatment, yes?
Posted on 30 Jun 2015.
RT @MMDA: Traffic View from EDSA Magallanes to Quezon Avenue-Ma. Clara as of 5:12 PM. Ten-4. #mmda http://t.co/Pa1eJ2u47I
Posted on 29 Jun 2015.
Who's up for a roadtrip to Taal? Did you know that some of the old houses can take in guests, Bed and Breakfast style?
Posted on 29 Jun 2015.
Help public HS students & teachers get good equipment w/ #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH Visit https://t.co/IdvEc7Olfc http://t.co/FCwvu4Aa5Q
Posted on 29 Jun 2015.
Help Kalayaan Nat'l HS improve their electrical lab through #CaltexFuelYourSchoolPH: https://t.co/FPtQbdZSpZ http://t.co/plSOWQD7P5
Posted on 28 Jun 2015.

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