Borescope Test

Can your fuel really clean your car's engine?

Carbon deposits heavily affect car performance. Imagine it this way, the engine is the heart, while carbon deposits are like cholesterol slowly building up inside. The more carbon deposits, the harder for an engine to function properly and efficiently.

Fuel plays an important role as the blood of an engine and choosing the right brand is essential. But do you know if your fuel brand really protects your engine from deposit buildup? To find out, we used a borescope, a medical-grade flexible camera, to take a look at different motorists’ engines to check if there are carbon deposits in their intake valves.

The Borescope Test

Our fuel experts conducted the Borescope Test in October 2018 wherein we invited Caltex and non-Caltex users to prove if their fuel of choice is effective in cleaning their engines. Using a borescope, we took photos of their car’s intake valves. The said photos were rated using the CRC IVD rating system, where a 10 rating denotes perfectly clean.

Caltex Borescope Testimonial Video

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Other Fuel Brands Results

After the test, we discovered that those who use other fuel brands have dirtier engines than Caltex users. To further prove the cleaning power of Caltex with Techron, the cars with dirty engines were given a full tank of Caltex fuel and a bottle of Techron Concentrate Plus. After the test, it was proven that Caltex with Techron cleans the engine from dirt deposits and protects it from friction compared to other fuel brands. These respondents went back for a retest after 4 days and they were shocked with the results! Watch the video and see for yourself the unbeatable cleaning power of Techron.


Caltex Engines Results

Caltex users got a 9.8 out of 10 cleanliness score in the Borescope test. This just proves that not all fuels are the same. The Borescope test consistently proved that Caltex with Techron cleans your engine from dirt deposits and protects it from friction making your engine perform at its best. Watch the video to learn more.


Borescope Test Caltex Results Video

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