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Scooter Engine Oils

Enjoy better overall performance with a range of scooter-specific oils, while protecting your engine against stressful city riding conditions.

Optimise engine performance with our most advanced and best performing scooter engine oils

Most modern scooters are fitted with a dry clutch and have specific lubrication requirements that are different from motorcycles. Our specially formulated engine oils cater for this distinction and ensures optimum protection for your scooter. 

Explore our range of fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral scooter engine oils now.

Purchase via our Distributors (in bulk) or at your convienience at all Caltex stations.

Our Product Range

Havoline® SuperMatic 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40

A premium fully synthetic oil formulated with Havoline C.O.R.E.+ Technology that caters to today's modern four-stroke scooters that require a JASO MA engine oil for wet clutch gearboxes.

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Havoline® SuperMatic 4T Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40

A high quality semi-synthetic JASO MB engine oil with Havoline C.O.R.E.+ Technology, proven in the streets for urban riders who demand a strong and reliable oil for their trusted scooters.

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Havoline® SuperMatic 4T SAE 10W-40

A mineral JASO MB engine oil that comes with Havoline C.O.R.E.+ Technology that lubricates, protects, and cleans as you ride.

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