Uncover Our Station Owners’ Secrets to Success

Over the years, we have helped many investors achieve their dreams of owning a successful business. A firm believer of the importance of forming strong relationships, we ensure that trust is the cornerstone of all our partnerships with Caltex retailers, starting from the time they join the close-knit Caltex community.

As each investor’s success story is unique, read on to discover the different motivations, learning journeys and challenges faced on their respective journeys.

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Long-term partnerships are beneficial for both brand and investor, in terms of stability and financial gain. Hear first-hand from franchise owners that have worked with us for decades, or even generations, and find out more about why they chose Caltex, and about their experiences and successes through the years.

A Partnership Journey of 30 Years and Counting

Hear from Aileen Campos, a Caltex franchise retailer of multiple stations in Luzon, and find out what she values most when it comes to creating business success with Caltex.

Driving Business Success as a Husband-and-Wife Team

Creating promotions that fit your community’s unique needs, Caltex’s consistent expert support through successes and challenges, and more. Click to find out what other practical tips station owners Allan and let have for retailers in the Philippines.

Fueling the Family Business

Meet the Caballes family, retailers of 7 successful Caltex gas station franchises for over 40 years, and find out more about their experience as Caltex retailers for 3 generations and counting.

Embarking on the Highway to Success

A rising star in the Caltex retailer universe, station owner Rowena has opened 2 Caltex franchises in only 3 years, and has plans to open another within the next year. Listen to her story and discover how she fast-tracked her path to success.

Beginning with the Right Foundation

Starting your own gas station franchise business isn’t easy. However, with the right partnership and resources, the journey becomes enjoyable and worry-free. By equipping all our retailers, like Owen Balena, with our exclusive Techron® formulation, each and every station has a competitive edge right from the start. Listen to Station Manager Owen Balena’s story to find out more.

Turning Land into Capital

Selecting and securing a prime location is easy for anyone. But when it comes to deciding what to do with the land, many struggle. With Caltex’s standing in the market, it was easy for Vince to make a decision. Listen to Vince’s experience and find out why Caltex is, and will always be, his choice pick.

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